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3 tourist attractions suitable for families with young children in Chiang Rai, Thailand

Thailand has long been a tourist attraction with countless entertainment venues. If Bangkok is famous for being busy and bustling, Pattaya is a dreamy coastal city, then Chiang Rai has a rustic and idyllic beauty where you and your family can come to avoid the noise of the city. Chiang Rai is also extremely suitable for a family vacation, especially for families with young children. Join Wanderlust Tips to discover the following 3 interesting places in Chiang Rai!——————————————————————–🌺🌺🌺1. Singha Farm Park

Singha Park is an agricultural tourist attraction in the North, considered the largest farm in Thailand. Coming to Singha Park, visitors will admire the immense green tea beds arranged in a ladder-like shape stretching to the horizon and the immense fields of pale purple buttercup flowers on the steppe. Besides, the old European architecture will also make visitors feel about the harmony between the two cultures of Asia and Europe in this land.In addition, this is also an interesting destination for families with young children. The children will be extremely excited when coming to the farm raising zebras, giraffes, and white horned cows in Watusi. Parents can let their kids interact with the deer by buying carrots and bananas to feed them, a meal for the giraffe costs about 20 baht.This 13-kilometer farmland also has a wealth of nature-loving activities for children, including a swan lake and wildflower fields to explore; a fresh fruit and vegetable garden where kids can pick and grow fresh produce; a farmhouse and a zoo full of exotic animals; along with cycling, zip-lining and rock climbing tours for kids who love adventure.Singha Farm Park also regularly organizes fun festivals such as the hot air balloon festival, but especially the flower festival that attracts both domestic and foreign tourists is held annually in November and December.🐮🐮🐮2. Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

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Is there any animal more capable of capturing the imagination of a child than the giant elephant? Come to Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort, which once won awards for its research, conservation, and elephant camps to not miss the opportunity to visit and learn about elephants in Thailand. Besides, the place has rescued elephants that are illegally raised to serve in climbing areas, shows, or beg for money on the street… After that, they were brought back to the forest, merging with nature at the reserve of the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation.The resort is designed based on the traditional Thai house architecture style, including 40 standard rooms and 15 suites built around an elephant camp on the premises that looks exactly like a traditional mahout village, giving visitors wonderful interacting experiences with gently giant and nature-friendly friends.Instead of choosing to stay in a luxury hotel room, you can choose to stay in a bubble room next to the elephant camp, where you will be connected more closely with nature. The resort only has two bubble rooms, so you have to be quick to get a seat. The fully equipped room is built on a wooden platform, giving a panoramic view of the mountains and the sky.The tent is made of high-quality and transparent polyester, except for the bathroom. Every morning, you will be awakened by the cheerful call of the elephants outside. After that, you can go for a walk with the family and the elephants, play with them in the shallow river… but remember do not ride or harm the elephants.There are three friendly elephants living in the barn near the bubble room. If you want to make friends with many other elephants, you have to follow the guide into the forest. In addition, visitors can go upstairs to watch the scene, use binoculars to observe elephants from afar. This is also the place to catch the beautiful sunset or zoom in on the scenery of Laos and Myanmar.🏡🏡3. Mae Salong

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Bordering Laos and Myanmar, Mae Salong is known by tourists as miniature Switzerland because, at an altitude of 1,800m above sea level, this overlapping mountain area creates a spectacular and beautiful natural landscape with terraced fields stretching on the hillside along with a fresh climate and weather all year round.Walking around the village, you can also easily feel the special beauty of the local’s cultural lifestyle here. There are many mountainous ethnic groups such as Akha and Lisu wearing colorful traditional costumes. They also produce and sell beautiful and unique handicrafts themselves.The food at Mae Salong has distinct features of Chinese cuisine, especially Yunnan cuisine. Dry-roasted oolong tea is one of the specialties here and is also the main export source of the village.With the fresh air in Mae Salong, enjoying the taste of afternoon tea in this mountainous region helps you better understand what is called “the taste of heaven and earth” when given fragrant tea drops. The journey to the high mountains of Mae Salong, in addition to admiring the natural beauty, sitting in “miniature Switzerland” to enjoy the taste of tea in the spring sky is always an unforgettable experience during the trip.


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