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4 Dalat resorts in the Tuyen Lam lake area – Come to relax and get a set of beautiful photos

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1/ Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa – Price only from 2,070,000 VND/nightLocated along Tuyen Lam Lake, favored by the nature of the land of mist with a favorable location, Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa becomes a peaceful resort for anyone who comes to Dalat and wants to find a private “shelter”.

The resort consists of rooms arranged in groups of villas, each includes 2-4 rooms, only some rooms facing the lake with an eye-catching ancient luxury design in harmony with nature. Each room type is elaborately designed, luxuriously furnished with Edensee’s own signature. Besides, they also have a private balcony overlooking the lake or looking up at the pine hill, which gives you wonderful relaxing moments.

The system of two adjacent restaurants (Riesling and Kuckuck), Eden Lake Café coffee lounge, and Panorama terrace elegantly designed with sophisticatedly decorated equipment and objects will be unforgettable culinary destinations with a beautiful view of Tuyen Lam Lake.

2/ Terracotta Dalat Hotel & Resort – Price only from 1,070,000 VND/nightTerracotta Dalat Hotel & Resort is located along Tuyen Lam Lake and is the closest place to the center of Dalat compared to other resorts in the same area.

The resort consists of 240 rooms in buildings and 21 lakeside villas with modern Western architecture, designed in an open space to create a feeling of comfort and closeness to nature. Terracotta’s suites and villas have a private space. You can relax in a completely quiet place, overlooking the lake or garden with soaring pine hills, extremely romantic. For those who are still wondering about a trip to Dalat, want to swim in the pool but are afraid of the cold temperature, you can completely set your mind at rest about that. Terracotta Dalat owns a warm-water swimming pool suitable for relaxing in any weather.

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The food court is very luxurious with a buffet breakfast with a variety of dishes from Asia to Europe. The menu changes every day to satisfy the taste of diners.

3/ Dalat Wonder Resort – Price only from 1,010,000 VND/nightDalat Wonder Resort is located on Hoa Hong Street in the Tuyen Lam Lake area. It has a quiet, cozy space with a view of a dreamy jade lake and a green hill, creating a feeling of comfort and lightness for visitors after the tumultuous, stressful days of daily life.

Featuring 151 rooms and villas built in the Western style, almost all rooms here have a view overlooking Tuyen Lam lake and green pine forest. In particular, the villas with high tiled roofs lying close together along the lake will make you think you are lost in some European village!

In addition to the romantic and beautiful scenery like Europe, Dalat Wonder Resort also offers other interesting facilities such as restaurants, bars, Koi pond areas, swimming pools, yachts, etc. to bring visitors the most meaningful experience.

4/ Binh An Village Dalat – Price only from 2,640,000 VND/night

Binh An Village Dalat is located on the bank of Tuyen Lam Lake, about 35 km from Lien Khuong airport, about 11 km from Dalat market.

Binh An Village Dalat has an elegant and harmonious combination of classical French style and architectural quintessence distilled from local folklore. The resort is divided into a hotel area and a villa area. Each villa and hotel room here bears the name of beautiful flowers with the color, interior, and design representing that flower.

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The 5 Hoa restaurant in the resort serves breakfast and a la carte menu for other meal needs of the day. Besides, the resort offers free fun outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, cycling, etc. for your relaxation needs when booking a stay here.

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