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7 spots in Da Nang where you may witness and photograph the sunset.

Where can you find a quiet nook in the center of Da Nang’s bustling city from which to enjoy the following Da Nang sunset spots?You just stumbled across it by accident. Let’s find out with Luhanhvietnam what coordinates they are!1. Son Tra Peninsula – the sunset viewing spot in Da Nang is extremely chill from aboveThe Son Tra peninsula is a pearl of Da Nang’s seaside metropolis, and this is not an exaggeration.Because visitors can enjoy the beauty of the mountains, the sea, and a variety of unique experiences that are hard to come by elsewhere.Ban Co Peak, located at the highest point in Da Nang, has steep and treacherous paths on both sides of cliffs, challenging many daring believers.

Ban Co peakWhen the sun sets and the last light of the day falls, the entire coastal city takes on a wonderful and fragile beauty. You can see the Dragon Bridge stretch out in front of you or the lovely straits if you zoom out far enough.

Sunset in Son Tra peninsula2. Cu De river – sunset viewing spot in Da NangThe tranquil Cu De River is also one of the best sites in Da Nang to watch the sunset. The scenery here is picture-perfect, but few people are aware of it. As a result, the environment is exceedingly silent. The river, which is roughly 40 kilometers long and flows to the mouth of the Nam O Sea, is located downstream of the river.

Sitting on the bank of the river, people can enjoy the tranquil ambiance while watching the calm water surface, clouds, and sky, allowing their souls to roam to serene sentiments.

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3. My Khe Beach – a romantic spot to watch the sunset in Da NangMy Khe Beach has received international recognition as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches. With the beautiful blue sea snuggled on the white sand beach stretching to the top, the scenery is quite romantic and stunning. This is also one of Da Nang’s best sunset sites.

My Khe beach has a very romantic sunset sceneThe twilight light burned the entire sky before gently fading to reveal the night’s glittering magnificence. Your soul will become more romantic as a result of that lovely scene. There is nothing more romantic than sitting on a beautiful beach with your loved one, watching the sunset.

4. Nam O Beach – a unique sunset spot in Da NangNam O Sea is a point of original beauty remaining in our land, bringing in untamed and perhaps enigmatic beauty. Because of its stunning coral reefs, Nam O is also renowned as a region that still retains the ancient beauty of the ocean.

Nam O SeaWhen the sun sets, the coral reefs float in the sea turn a vibrant orange-yellow color. The landscape was breathtaking and lyrical. It’s nice to take a stroll in front of Nam O beach while listening to the waves crashing and taking in the beautiful beauty as the sunsets.5. – sunset viewing spot in Da Nang not to be missedTien Sa Port is another stunning sunset place in Da Nang to consider. Many believe this location to be a gem in the heart of a romantic country.

From the moment the sun rises until the sun sets, it’s always a vibrant image with various notable aspects. Tien Sa port is wonderfully gorgeous, thanks to the red and yellow colors. Standing on the bay, you may zoom in on the sun to appreciate nature’s lyrical qualities.

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6. Golden Bridge – a beautiful sunset spot in Da NangGolden Bridge is the only bridge in Da Nang that does not cross any rivers, located on the top of a high mountain with the most impressive design. From a distance, the whole bridge looks like a golden silk strip pulled from the mountain bed and supported by a pair of giant hands.

The Golden Bridge is tinted in a vibrant ruby.When dusk falls, the Golden Bridge is completely submerged in the clouds. Visitors appear to be lost in a fantasy-filled fairyland at that time.

The amazing scenery7. Thuan Phuoc Bridge – a favorite sunset spot in Da NangThe Thuan Phuoc bridge is the last stop on the list of Da Nang sunset locations. Da Nang is known for its bridges, and the Thuan Phuoc bridge is a popular hangout for young people. There is a wonderful reed grass field at the foot of the bridge, which is the coordinates of the position for romantic photographs.

Besides, this bridge is also a point to help visitors see the whole charming city in the late afternoon. With its brilliant orange-red color that will undoubtedly make you fall in love, the entire Thuan Phuoc bridge was described as a silk strip connecting the two sides of the Han River at the time.

Such a beautiful sunset! If you are still wondering how to find a sunset viewing spot in Da Nang, you can immediately refer to the checklist above!


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