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A newly-discovered field of reeds in the heart of Saigon is about to become a hot check-in point

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At the end of autumn in Thu Thiem, there is a stunning and romantic virtual living place where you only want to have a lover instantaneously.Reed grass is one of the winter specialties of the North. Each white and soft branch of reed gently sways in the wind, evoking childhood memories. However, few people know that there is also a romantic field of grass in the heart of Saigon at the end of the year. It creates a vast and beautiful space next to the busy city.

Photographer Vien Dieu Phat is currently making a splash on the online community because of the couple’s set of photos taken at this new virtual living spot. By combining the nostalgic Hong Kong style with the charming natural background, the photos slowly enter the viewers’ hearts.

Through sharing, it is known that this area lies on To Huu Street, the former District 2, now belongs to Thu Duc, HCMC. The land is several hundred square meters wide. Underneath is green grass. Surrounding are reeds higher than a person’s head, creating a fresh green background that everyone wants to immerse in.

The reed flower blooms almost all year round. However, winter is the ideal time to admire the beauty, resilience, and pride of reed flowers to the fullest. The stem is weak, the leaves are soft, but the flowers are sharp, straight, and shaggy attached to the branches like needles.

Legend has it that there was a couple who were separated because of differences in family conditions. They had to run away from home and lead each other into a deserted place. Having love but being poor, the young man had to work far away, leaving his wife at home. He never saw his wife again from that parting forth. The girl waited patiently until her death turned into a fragile but intensely vital reed.

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The couple’s beautiful love turns into white reeds. Therefore, lovers come to the grasslands of District 2 and get a passionate photo set. Acorđing to photographer 9X, you should take pictures from 6 am to 8 am and from 3 pm to 5 pm. At this time, it is not too sunny, and the light is appropriate. Consequently, the photos will be superb.

He also added that this is an empty field area with few people passing by. Therefore, if you come here to take photos, you should pay more attention to security issues. Along To Huu street, there are many fields of reeds, especially the intersection with Nguyen Van Kinh, Dang Nhu Hai streets, the road to Kim Cuong island, etc.

The photo of a couple using a reed field as the background shows the purity of love, the gentle sunlight shining on the hair, the idyllic look where nature is in harmony with the noisy city. By coming here on a beautiful weekend, all your sadness will assuredly disappear. There is only a relaxing moment with unforgettable photos.

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