Hanoi enters the final days of the year, so people’s hearts also become unusually quiet and want to go somewhere to reflect on what happened. A little bit of nostalgia can sometimes make people’s hearts more peaceful. That’s why people come to Manzi Art Space – where time seems to stand still.

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💥 Manzi Art Space – the coffee space for art loversMany people have an interest in enjoying works of art. Formerly, It is a misunderstanding that works of art were only for those with knowledge of it. However, it was Manzi who made many people change their minds because this is an art space for everyone.

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Instead of creating an enclosed art space suitable only for artists or people with art knowledge, Manzi Art Space is an intimate place where everyone is welcome. In the beginning, they may come to Manzi to enjoy coffee and experience a new space. Then it is the closeness of the artworks here that will likely be the reason for customers to visit Manzi again.

Manzi Art Space is a new and rare space. Manzi is a blend of tradition and modernity. Located in an old French house, Manzi’s space is quite quiet with old objects. However, the artworks here are highly topical and very close. This is the reason why Manzi is still visited despite being an art space.

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Address: No. 14, Phan Huy Ich Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi.💥 Peaceful little corners at ManziThe space that Manzi Art Space creates for visitors is very amazing. On the final days of the year, when the influx of people on the street is busy with unfinished jobs, Manzi brings peace to those who enter this place.

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Many people come to Manzi as a way to reflect on what happened in life. It’s because this place has not only coffee but also objects to remind you of things that are old but very close to life. Contemplating the garden, learning about paintings, or enjoying a peaceful time with small tables and chairs at Manzi are all extremely interesting experiences.

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Manzi Art Space is inherently a small gallery room. Therefore, exhibits here are just the right size to create a cozy, beautiful space. The works of the artists displayed here are at a reasonable price.

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💥 Check in at Manzi Art SpaceIt is Manzi’s new space that makes many young people feel excited. More than just a “so deep” photography spot, Manzi Art Space also opens up an opportunity for young people to learn more about contemporary artworks – a field that may be quite unfamiliar to many people today.


Manzi has two floors with different spaces that are extremely impressive. If you want to check in in a rustic, ancient place, the first floor is the right choice. This space is a place to display paintings and other works of art. Such a great background for your photos!

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The things that Manzi Art Space can bring will not be too ostentatious but surely that’s what everyone needs. Because when coming to Manzi, time seems to stand still and that is also the time for fatigue and worries to be temporarily put aside so that everyone can immerse themselves in the warmth created by Manzi art space.

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