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Awesome cloud-hunting spots in the North make tourists snap photos continuously

These cloud-hunting locations in the North are as beautiful as the fairyland, which has “seduced” many travelers who like to move around the country.☁☁☁Cloud hunting places in the North that are frequented by many tourists1. FansipanFansipan Peak – the roof of Indochina is one of the most famous places to hunt clouds in the North. This place not only attracts domestic tourists but also fascinates many international tourists when they travel to Vietnam. Almost everyone wants to conquer this mountain to see the rolling white clouds.

Photo: letoet94Fansipan is the highest mountain in Vietnam with an altitude of 3143 meters, in the Hoang Lien Son range. It is only about 9 kilometers from Sapa town to here. Every year, in the winter, from October onwards, people flock to Sapa to have the opportunity to embrace the breathtaking scenery of Fansipan’s clouds and sky in their hearts.In the past, when there was no cable car, tourists had to trek long distances to reach the mountain’s summit. However, the tourism has developed, you can easily conquer this mountain after only 15 minutes from the foot to the top of the mountain. No need to spend much effort, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of Sapa sky when they set foot on the top of Fansipan.

Photo: astrologiadeboahAccording to cloud-hunting experiences of many tourists, the best times to see clouds on the top of Fansipan are early in the morning and at sunset. This is moments when the white clouds on the top of this mountain are dense, stacked on top of each other like soap bubbles. The sunlight shining on that white cloud adds to the romance of the scene.Today, on top of Fansipan is the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist complex with many spiritual works and the legendary Fansipan peak. Coming here, visitors can combine cloud hunting with sightseeing at many places, such as Bich Van Thien Tu, Arhat Road, 9-Floor Waterfall, Sapa Heaven Gate, etc.

Photo: ntt_nhann2. Ta XuaSay goodbye to a splendid and flashy Fansipan with professional travel services. Now it’s time for you to experience a completely untouched northern cloud hunting site, without the assistance of a cable car. That is the top of Ta Xua mountain – a place in Son La province.

Photo: dttoan__Ta Xua belongs to Bac Yen district, which is a beautiful Northwest land with winding steep passes and mountain ranges in floating mist and white clouds as beautiful as in fairy tales. Therefore, Ta Xua is always one of the most beautiful cloud hunting coordinates of the North in particular and of Vietnam in general.Like many northern mountainous regions, winter is the most ideal time for you to travel to Ta Xua in combination with cloud hunting. From December to March every year is the period when the clouds on the top of Ta Xua are at their most beautiful. Thanks to the surrounding high mountains, the sea of clouds in Ta Xua is always wind-free. Therefore, white clouds are very calm and floating, not drifting or disappearing.

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Photo: btl.114To successfully conquer, you need to know the coordinates that people frequently check in here. First of all, the turtle head rock is located at an altitude of 2120 meters. The cliff completely protrudes from the mountain range, creating a dangerous and chilling angle for visitors.The remaining coordinates in Ta Xua include Hang Dong back of dinosaur, the lonely apple tree and the top of the Wind. Those are all places where you can alone enjoy the feeling of standing in the middle of the sky, surrounded by a dense sea of white clouds like soap bubbles that never melt.

Photo: im.rot3. Bach Moc Luong TuReferring to the cloud hunting locations in the North, it will a big omission if we forget Bach Moc Luong Tu. This is the 4th highest mountain in Vietnam, located between the two provinces of Lao Cai and Lai Chau. Although Bach Moc Luong Tu has only been discovered by backpackers for about 10 years, it has become a famous cloud hunting paradise.

Photo: itsmingCompared to Fansipan and Ta Xua, the suitable time to hunt clouds in Bach Moc Luong Tu often comes earlier. From August every year, you can conquer this destination to fully enjoy the scene of fog and white clouds. This season, the weather is cool and pleasant, neither too hot nor too cold, suitable for trekking from the foot to the top of the mountain.The journey to hunt clouds on the top will be a precious and memorable memory in your life. From the foot of the mountain to the top is about 30 km long. You must be strong enough, have enough willing to maintain a good fitness throughout the journey. But in return, you will have the opportunity to go through old forests, bare hills, bamboo forests, and even cliffs, waterfalls in the middle of the forest.

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Photo: maistaywildOn average, the time to climb to the top and back down takes 2-4 days depending on your schedule and fitness. You can camp overnight on the summit of Bach Moc Luong Tu in order to wake up early the next day, catch the sunrise, and sink into the sea of white clouds in front of your eyes.According to the experience of exploring the cloud hunting locations in the North of backpackers, visitors should stop at the top of Muoi mountain at an altitude of 2800 meters. This coordinate is considered the most beautiful cloud hunting spot, even more beautiful than the top of Bach Moc Luong Tu. Don’t forget to spend a lot of time watching clouds and taking photos here.

Photo: Phongkimdaily4. Other cloud hunting paradisesIn addition to Fansipan, Ta Xua and Bach Moc Luong Tu, there are many other places to hunt clouds in the North that you can experience and explore. Each destination has its own beauty and attraction, which are enough to fully describe the beauty of Vietnam’s mountains and forests.Nhiu Co San mountain range in Bat Xat, Lao Cai province, is one of them. This place is covered with clouds all year round, possessing a beautiful picture of mountains and forests. In addition, when discovering Y Ty, visitors also have the opportunity to learn about the unique cultural identity of the Nhi Ha ethnic group.

Photo: thanh_tung1210If you are afraid of hard climbing, you can hunt clouds at the top. This is one of the “four great peaks” of the North, only 15km from the center of Sapa town. Coming here, you will admire the giant sea of clouds and experience the beautiful “clouds” scene.Besides, you can also spend time trekking to Ta Chi Nhu – Yen Bai, exploring Muong Moc – Moc Chau or going to Tam Dao – Vinh Phuc. These are all suggested destinations for those who do not know where to hunt for beautiful clouds when having the opportunity to travel to the North.

Photo: huemerynoThere are numerous places to hunt clouds in the North that you can spend time exploring and experiencing. Each mountain peak, each mountain range has its own beauty, promising to bring you many memorable memories on your journey to conquer the land and nature of Vietnam.


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