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Being lost in a fairyland when coming to Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall in Indonesia

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Located on Lombok island, Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall has a mysterious and charming beauty with rushing white water all year round.Where is Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall?Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall is one of the beautiful destinations on Lombok island, Indonesia. For many tourists, this is a very strange coordinate. There is limited information related to the waterfall. However, if you search for pictures on Instagram, you will find this is a favorite check-in spot for many tourists.

Lombok is an island in West Nusa Tenggara province, Indonesia. This island is part of a chain of islands belonging to Nusa Tenggara. The northern part of the island is the Java Sea, and the southern part of the island is the Indian Ocean.

Today, Lombok island is more and more famous to tourists thanks to its beautiful seascape, many stunning check-in corners. Tours to Lombok are also growing in popularity. On the island, in addition to discovering beautiful beaches, visitors also have the opportunity to explore Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall.The magical beauty of Air Terjun Mangku Sakti WaterfallMangku Sakti is recently a popular destination in Indonesia for tourists. This place is wild, fanciful, and very fresh, suitable for tourists who love to explore and learn about nature and the scenery on Lombok island.

What is special about Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall? No need to come here, just look through the photos on social networks, you also find this waterfall impressive. Here, the water flows strongly down from the mountains, looking like a rolling white silk band in the middle of the mountains.

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One of the most attractive features of this waterfall is that the color of the water changes with the seasons. There are times when the water’s color here is very beautiful jade green. The green water crept between the cliffs, mountains, and forests, making the scene more poetic.

Beneath the waterfall forms a large lake, surrounded by beautiful pebbles for visitors to walk around and take check-in pictures. The water poured into the lake is not stagnant but continues flowing into a unique, winding stream. Along that stream are cliffs, creating strange-looking and mysterious holes and burrows.

An interesting thing about Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall is that the rocks here are not black but gray and white like kaolin. The cliffs and rocks with all kinds of strange shapes combine spontaneously, creating a very unique and eye-catching picture.

When beautiful photos at Mangku Sakti spread on social networks, many tourists have come here to be able to check in this unique waterfall. Whether you are at the foot of the waterfall or following the caves along the stream, there are extremely beautiful check-in photos.

In addition to impressive backgrounds, when coming to Air Terjun Mangku Sakti waterfall, visitors also feel the very cool and pleasant atmosphere this place offers. You can put aside all tired of life to relax with cool water, clear and peaceful nature.

Around the waterfall area are forests, burning grass hills with wild pictures, opening up many interesting experiences for those who love to explore. Coming here, you only need to spend time going around, and you will have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking scenery on Lombok island.Experience exploring Mangku Sakti WaterfallPossessing such beautiful scenery, Air Terjun Mangku Sakti waterfall was quickly planned as a tourist area. When you go to Lombok island, you only need to move to this tourist area and buy an entrance ticket. The ticket price is only 10,000 IDR per person, including insurance costs.

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According to the Indonesian travel experience of many tourists, to take good pictures, you should come in the morning. When it’s sunny, the scenery here is also more sparkling. In addition, you should also come here early if you want to enjoy immersing yourself in the cool water.

Next, after exploring this beautiful waterfall in Lombok, take your time to experience other interesting activities on Lombok island. With an area of up to 100,000 square kilometers, this island possesses azure beaches, peaceful small villages, and many attractive tourist services.

Indonesia has not only a Bali tourist paradise but also many other attractive destinations for tourists. One of them is the Air Terjun Mangku Sakti Waterfall on Lombok island. If you have the opportunity, come here once to see the beautiful and impressive picture of this place.

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