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Catch the first rays of sunlight at Dai Lanh lighthouse, located in the country’s easternmost region

🍁When beliebers who are passionate about travel and virtual-living photos set foot in the “land of yellow flowers and green grass,” the Dai Lanh Lighthouse is one of the first sites they visit.🍁 Visitors to Nau should not miss the spectacular Dai Lanh lighthouse, which is nestled between four surfaces and is recognized as “the site to receive the first rays of dawn” in Vietnam. In Phu Yen, the captivating natural beauty of magnificent mountains and a fresh, beautiful blue seashore provides a wealth of exciting tourist opportunities.

➡ THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT DAI LONG LIGHT – THE FIRST BRAND TO WELCOME SUNSHINE IN VIETNAM🌸 The Dai Lanh Lighthouse, also known as the Mui Dien Lighthouse, is located in the commune of Hoa Tam, Dong Hoa district, Phu Yen province. The site of this magnificent masterpiece is known as Dai Lanh Cape (Mui Dien), which has long been regarded as Vietnam’s easternmost point and the site of the country’s first dawn. Many travelers from all over the globe come to see and appreciate this site, making it one of Phu Yen’s most popular tourist spots.

🌸 The lighthouse at Phu Yen, shown above, was erected by the French in the late 1800s and has had many ups and downs until 1997 when it was able to reopen with a light that can beam as far as 27 nautical miles and serve as a reference point for ships off the coast.

🌸The height of this building is about 110m above sea level and 26.5m above the floor of the lighthouse, so from this famous tourist coordinate in Phu Yen, visitors have the opportunity to zoom out, covering the breathtaking scenery of sky – sea – mountains.

➡ THE ROAD TO THE DAI LONG HAI DANG🌸 There are two ways for visitors to move to Dai Lanh lighthouse: climbing the mountain and walking along the stream. Because the route across the stream is regarded to be reasonably challenging, if not more difficult, you may want to exercise while viewing the gorgeous sea backdrop by climbing the twisting steps adjacent to the white fence. In particular, on the way, you will be able to see Bai Mon with its cool blue strait and beautiful white sand and listen to the sound of waves lapping very peacefully and peacefully.

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🌸At the same time, tourists must climb more than 110 wooden stairs inside this famous lighthouse in Phu Yen after crossing the above road to reach a vantage point where they may observe the breathtaking natural surroundings. Even though it is difficult, the effort is well worth it because of the beautiful environment.

➡ DISCOVER HOT TOURISM ACTIVITIES IN DAI LANH LIGHTHOUSE AREA✔ Catching the first rays of the dayThe site of Dai Lanh lighthouse in Phu Yen is regarded as the most appropriate place for visitors to visit and wait for the overpowering daybreak on the sea since it is famed for its location at the easternmost point of the nation.

The sight of the sun’s first rays breaking through the clouds, coloring the glistening coast golden, and painting the sky and land with dazzling colors, will be the most memorable moment of a one-of-a-kind vacation. Remember to preserve this magical moment in time with dreamy shots! Furthermore, if you are unable to make your way to the lighthouse, you may search for this scene with your loved ones by standing directly at the stairwell or the wooden fence on the cliff gazing down to the coast.

✔CHECK-IN WITH INCREDIBLE NATURAL BACKGROUNDIf tourists have the opportunity to engage in specific activities, don’t miss the coordinates of the spectacular Dai Lanh lighthouse, which is nestled in vast and poetic nature with gorgeous mountains on four sides and a picturesque beach on the other. Anyone who looks at it will undoubtedly be taken aback by the beauty of the scenery.

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Thanks to possessing such wonderful natural scenery, enthusiasts of “photographing” certainly cannot miss the opportunity to walk around and explore interesting nooks and crannies to find their impressive viewing angles for the set. Phu Yen tourism photos are vibrant and attractive. Young people on social media have shared some impressive backgrounds, such as the staircase area that captures the panorama of Dai Lanh Phu Yen lighthouse in the distance, the cliffside viewing fence area with sea views, viewing angle to admire the panoramic view of the sky, and sea from above at the lighthouse position… promises to bring many good suggestions for an appealing holiday.

✔DISCOVER THE BAI MON AREAFrom this popular tourist destination in Phu Yen, you may travel to the Bai Mon region, which is known for its clean and lyrical coastline and is ideal for tourists to participate in a variety of activities. Swimming, tanning, wandering to observe the beautiful environment, planning little picnics, or camping overnight on the beach… are all fascinating and appealing outdoor activities that should not be missed.

🍁If you want to appreciate the lovely dawn on the sea at the location where the first rays of sunlight are received in the territory of Vietnam, do not miss the coordinates of Dai Lanh lighthouse, which is located in the center of a wild and charming environment. to have a variety of appealing travel experiences and the option to participate in a variety of intriguing exploration and entertainment activities


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