Trang chủDestinationsĐÀ NẴNGCheck in and relax at the Lang Son Tra waterfall film studio

Check in and relax at the Lang Son Tra waterfall film studio

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Thac Tra studio, located in Lang Son City, combines indoor and outdoor shooting scenarios with modern studio design to create distinctive concepts for photo models. This location attracts a large number of tourists each year, including wedding photographers, yearbook and group photographers, portrait photographers, and so forth. So, are you prepared for this thrilling adventure?The way to the Thac Tra studioThac Tra studio is located in Na Pan – Hoang Dong – Lang Son, which is in the northern mountains of our nation. Following Khanh Khe Song Giap hydroelectricity (about 2km from the old Lang Son General Hospital – Ben Bac route) would take you just about 5km from the city.

If you begin in Hanoi, take the Chuong Duong bridge to Lang Son, cross the bridge and enter Nguyen Van Cu street, cross the Giao Lam underpass, and proceed to the Highway 5 roundabout. From here, you should turn right, go to Nguyen Van Long Street, go about 9km, then turn left to go to Thanh Tri Bridge, and enter National Highway 1.Traveling by car, you may also use the Hanoi-Lang Son highway. This road will walk you through the cities of Bac Ninh and Bac Giang, as well as the Lang Son districts of Huu Lung and Chi Lang. The trip time from Hanoi to Lang Son is around 2h30 – 3h.

Amazed at the photography space of Thac Tra film studioThac Tra film studio, with a total area of more than 10,000 square meters, provides the most ideal filming environment for all customers. Because the studio is a mash-up of many diverse international styles. This location combines sophisticated and rich European style with Korean romantic beauty and a hint of Japan. Each scene, each perspective, each centimeter is meticulously cared for to produce a beautiful totality.

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Korean style photoshootUnlike other filming settings, this one combines natural landscape with a modern studio-style, providing consumers with more artistic experiences. You may snap photographs in nature with bright sunlight and trees, or you can go to a professional studio and produce once-in-a-lifetime photos.Thac Tra studio is modern, fresh, romantic, and full of personality.

Photography space dedicated to wedding photosThac Tra Film Studio provides a variety of filming areas, which draws a large number of visitors and check-ins. This is also a unique location for couples to take photographs of the bride and groom, which has been developed specifically for wedding photography.

Come see for yourself; you will be blown away by the space’s genuine beauty. In the studio, a lot of wedding images are created with no “touch.” In the vast region of Thac Tra, you may find luxury, classic, romantic, or fundamental designs.

Thousands of flowers are in bloom, and the stunning scenery onset will only add to your brilliant attractiveness. You can’t miss Thac Trac, the most beautiful and largest photography destination in the world if you want to possess unique images that will last a lifetime. If you’re planning on photographing a wedding, here is the place to start.

Take a picture of your yearbook.In addition, the Thac Tra film studio is a favorite photo location for young people. Tra Waterfall draws many groups of friends because of its distinctive setting with young and vibrant hues. Take a look at some of the incredible images.

So, during this business trip, what are you going to photograph? Thac Tra studio has a vast area and a variety of design styles, so I’m confident you won’t have to think about how to act gracefully anymore. Because every frame is excellent, all you have to do is be cheerful and bright to obtain those once-in-a-lifetime images. Remember to check in more frequently to get the most up-to-date information about Lang Son’s exploration and tourism.

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