Trang chủKHÁNH HÒANHA TRANGClimbing and bathing experiences in Ba Ho Stream - Nha Trang

Climbing and bathing experiences in Ba Ho Stream – Nha Trang

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Nature has bestowed on Khanh Hoa many beautiful beaches, mountains, waterfalls, and streams in abundance. Let’s go back to a very interesting place, right near Nha Trang that not many people know about. You’ve been to Nha Trang many times, and now you want to change activities, you can refer to climbing – bathing in streams in Ba Ho.

Specific address for you to search on Google map: Ninh Ich village, Ninh Hoa district, Khanh Hoa provinceTravel form: You can take a self-sufficient trip, regardless of a tour or guideTransportation: Ba Ho Stream is only about 20km from the city center to the North. You follow National Highway 1A in the direction of Monkey Island – Nha Phu Bay, then go for another distance, you will reach the destination. Thus, you just rent a motorbike filled with gasoline and you can start. The road is flat, so there is no difficulty at all. If you’re afraid of the sun, you can hire a taxi or call the Ba Ho tourist area to book a car for picking you up at your address. How much is the price? I don’t know because I prefer to ride a motorbike to see the scenery.Reasonable departure time: 8:00 – 9:00 amAdmission ticket: 100k/adult

Notes:- Bring sunscreen, towels, wet wipes-Wear sports shoes because you have to climb a lot, don’t wear skirts or high heels-There are no changing rooms in the stream area, so if you plan to swim, you must bring a cloth to change, or change in the park area below.

Under the management of Ba Ho Tourist Area, the lower area includes restaurants, bungalows, and a water park with games. Into the heart of the area are the forest and rocky blocks to climb the lakes. There are 3 lakes at 3 different locations. In my opinion, area 2 is the most beautiful lake area.European – Asian dishes are available here, so visitors do not bring outside food and drink into this tourist area. Part of it is also to protect the environment because the lake areas in the mountain are difficult for resort staff to clean up. Hopefully, everyone who comes here is also conscious of protecting the environment and doesn’t litter.

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I wrote this review to simply introduce beautiful places to many people. It’s because this place has immense potential for tourism but has not been promoted effectively, especially in this difficult time of the whole tourism industry. I was too lazy to edit photos, so these pictures are still as natural as they can be. Don’t hesitate if you want to explore the Ba Ho stream. Let’s go!

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