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Dalat is more popular thanks to a series of beautiful baths from the following five homestays

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☘What do you think if you travel to Dalat only to take pictures with a stunning bath at the homestay? You will be convinced if you spend a little time looking through the following series of proofs.🍀It is possible to have million-haha photos without going far in Dalat if you stay at the following homestays with gorgeous baths.👇👇👇

The superb bathtub at SunView Valley homestay. Photo: @phuongdunq.🌈Sunview Valley (Alley 63 Prenn, Ward 3)🔸First stop is Sunview Valley. Surrounded by vast pine forests and a lovely garden of daisies, Sunview Valley can handily win the hearts of every visitor.🔸The room space of the Valley is relatively warm, featuring an open-air bath and green trees that will give guests an exquisite background.

The bathtub is open-air but still ensures privacy, so you’re free to pose for pictures. Photo: @simon_tomorrow.

No need to be fussy, you will have stunning photos instantly by doing striptease next to the soapy bathtub. Photo: @dainguyen198.

If you’re shy, it’s still pretty enough to wear a white outfit like that to pose by the bath.

Photo: @ttaammttttPhoto: @tramtram84vn.🌈Naunau Garden (133 Y Dinh, Ward 4)🔸It can be said that the most photogenic spot of Naunau Garden homestay is the open-air bath in a modern and comfortable style. One side of the bathroom is designed with transparent glass doors, looking straight towards the lush green garden for guests to enjoy the scenery outside.🥰

For those of you who need to take a lookbook and shoot a video, this bathroom will be an outstanding background.😍

Photo: @meowthuytrang

Photo: @hamanh_Photo: @livetosleep_🌈Dreamers Home & Coffee (B19 Dang Thai Than, Ward 3)The most-mentioned name during the past time among Dalat lovers is Dreamers Home & Coffee. Dubbed miniature Bali, Dreamers integrates both homestay and coffee services with a tropical design style for dreamers.😜

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Photo: @_alice.nguyen_Notably, in addition to the beautiful space and poetic mountain view, this place also attracts young people by owning aesthetically designed bathtubs and bathrooms.

Photo: @july.nhii_

Photo: @hauhuynh18🌈The KUPID – Dalat no single (Dang Thai Than Street, Ward 3)When it comes to homestays in Da Lat with beautiful baths, The Kupid will spring to most people’s minds. This place increasingly receives more attention when appearing in the MV “Where are you?” of Miss and singer Huong Giang.🤣Since its appearance, The Kupid Hill has made people crazy about its modern design, beautiful and poetic view without dead corners.

Photo: @dao.kyanhChilling in a warm wooden bath with a peaceful pine hill outside is enough to bring you an unforgettable stay in Dalat.

🌈Dalat Lacasa Homestay II (No. 2 Ho Tung Mau Street)🔸One of the homestays with beautiful baths in Dalat is Lacasa Homestay Da Lat with a prime location, right in the city center.☘This homestay has a friendly and nostalgic design style. The most checked-in corner is the luxurious bath next to the light-filled window.


Bathtub at branch II.

Photo: Collectibles🥰 Dalat is currently one of the attractive destinations for domestic tourists when tourism opens up again. Hopefully, you have a wonderful stay at the above homestays.

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