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Dalat’s romantic homestay: the view of the valley of lights is as beautiful as in the music video

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Homestays with sweet and gentle materials are always very suitable for Dalat. Em Oi Nha Chung Minh Homestay (My dear, Our House Homestay) is also a typical example.Where is Em Oi Nha Chung Minh Homestay ?Located at Lam Van Thanh street, Ward 11, Dalat city. My dear, Em Oi Nha Chung Minh Homestay is the ideal homestay in DaLat for people who have their heads in the clouds, love simplicity and want to immerse themselves in the beautiful valley of lights.

Curl up with a warm blanket and enjoy the shimmering night scenery

A cute corner at the homestay. Photo: @alo_dr.rin

A closer look at the valley of lightsThis Dalat homestay has a small coffee corner, a lovely strawberry garden, an aquarium and a gentle river around the campus, bringing the softest feeling to nature lovers. One account @vickizann commented: “Staying at this homestay for 1 day is the most reasonable choice. The scenery is astonishingly beautiful at night, though the way back is a bit creepy “.

A guest is staying at the homestay. Photo: @vickizannThe strong point of the homestay is the view down to the famous yellow light valley (vegetable garden) in Dalat. This romantic scene has often been seen on music videos lately.

We love each other in a very simple way

“Honey, next time we’ll come here again.”

Visitors can pick strawberries themselves in the garden next to the house. Photo: @21lruouFinally, “Em oi, Nha chung minh” has a fanpage, which is rarely used for advertising, but for writing about the little things, the trivial stories that make up a peaceful and emotional Dalat. Let me quote here a little story:”In front of “Nha”, a long time ago, I took pictures for both of us.Young people often fall in love with each other, then get married. In my memory, you’re cheerful, smiling, and polite. There are so many times when I engaged in debates with you, you looked very manly, gentle to reconcile, with the delicacy that most people do not have. You’re quite cheerful, talkative, like a starling. We visited “Nha” quite a few times. Sometimes we even slept on the cold floor because the reservation hasn’t been made in advance. We woke up early in the morning and hung out all day, sometimes came back late at night, showed off a bunch of pictures of Dalat, then had some fun together.Unfortunately, there were also times when we came back to “Nha” but did not go together anymore. Maybe we did fall out of love!”

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A coffee corner at the homestay. Photo: @cat_mjoWhat do you think about this lovely homestay with a unique view?

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