Trang chủDestinationsĐÀ NẴNGEnchanted by the wonderful reed fields in Da Nang

Enchanted by the wonderful reed fields in Da Nang

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Was it possible for the Da Thanh crew to go “photo photographing” over the weekend? If not, have a look at the gorgeous reed grass fields in Da Nang that we’ve included below!Reed grass is a kind of plant.Reed grass is a weed that does not develop in individual plants and has high vitality. Reed flowers have a long stem and bloom only in the winter. Reed grass has a stunning pure white appearance when it initially blossoms, resembling a white silk strip in the breeze. The reeds fade to dark yellow color as they age and ultimately tumble away with the wind, as though granting freedom to the earth.

The vigor of reed grass is very remarkable. The multi-dimensional beauty of the reed blossom may be seen when seen up close. When the flower is fully open, it releases microscopic seeds that are transported by the wind for pollination. Perhaps the most lovely thing is still seeing the delicate clusters of reed flowers sway in the breeze, giving people an inexplicable sense of tranquility.

Reed flower season in Da NangIn Da Nang, the reed season is comparable to the season of love, pure and dreamy things. The first rains of the season begin to fall in early November, and the temperature begins to become cooler.It’s an indication that the reed flowers are about to blossom.When we meet up again in the winter, reed flowers bloom, covering several of Da Nang’s roadways. Anyone who has ever enjoyed the beauty of Da Nang’s reed fields will undoubtedly recall that scene. Swaying in the breeze, a very beautiful, graceful, pure beauty. But even that isn’t enough to pique the interest of so many tourists.

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Nothing is more delightful than releasing our hearts into the lyrical landscape of white reeds that erase an area of space every fall and winter day, under the mild sunlight and cool weather. Invite your closest pals to visit Da Nang’s lovely reed fields, dress up, and snap a couple of these stunning photos right immediately.It’s difficult to express the sense of walking among the blossoming reeds in the pure air. After a long day of arduous work in the city, now is the time to unwind and let go of all anxieties; everything appears to fade away as the reed flower branches sway in the breeze.

List of beautiful reed grass fields in Da NangEmpty land at the foot of Thuan Phuoc bridgeThe exquisite reed grass field in Da Nang, located at the foot of the Thuan Phuoc bridge, needs to be recognized first. The reed grass here grows more than 2 meters high, thanks to the benefit of having a huge open lot adjacent to the river and near the sea. The reed grass begins to blossom towards the end of October, attracting a big number of travelers to check-in and enjoy the environment. When you come here, you will be transported back to your youth, when you were a “little hero” riding on the back of a comrade carrying a reed.

Green LakeTo fully enjoy nature’s poetic and lovely nature, you must visit Green Lake in the winter, run along the shoreline road, notice the reedy hills, and wear a clean white shirt. The white reed field lies on a huge slope with plenty of fresh and cool air. This is also a popular address among young people.

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Le Duc Tho StreetCouples will find the reed field near Le Duc Tho to be particularly appealing. Next to the reeds, this is a stunning wedding photography spot. Visitors will be impressed by the enormous, powerful reeds swaying in the east wind as they arrive. To warm up in the first cold of the season, nothing beats wandering across a field of blossoming reed grass, hand in hand with the one you love. It’s an overpowering sensation.

Along Truong Sa streetWalking along the coastal road of Da Nang, you will see the image of gentle reed grass branches swaying in the afternoon wind or fields nestled close to the roadside, mountainside. I don’t know when that scene became a beauty in Da Thanh. This is a virtual-living background that you cannot ignore if you want to view or save the exquisite silhouette of cotton wool that only blooms once a year.

Next to the Han RiverThe reed grass adjacent to the Han River is another gorgeous reed grass area in Da Nang that should not be overlooked. You’ll find soft reeds swaying along the riverbed if you come here during the correct blooming season. Many filmmakers and photographers who want to include the beauty of flowers in their work have been drawn to the reed lawn in particular.

Da Nang’s lovely reed meadows are quiet and oddly romantic! Anyone who stands in front of such a beautiful natural scene is transported back to their childhood memories. A little village exists, where numerous youngsters laugh while playing in the large fields. If you get the chance to visit Da Nang in the winter, take advantage of the excellent reed season!

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