Trang chủWORLDEnjoy a wonderful picnic at Ban Xoi Ba Vi

Enjoy a wonderful picnic at Ban Xoi Ba Vi

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The suburbs of Hanoi have always been considered an extremely ideal destination for vacations with numberless tourist areas and resorts springing up like mushrooms. And if you are looking for a picnic spot that is luxurious and in harmony with nature, Ban Xoi Ba Vi is the destination you cannot ignore.🍀About Ban Xoi Ba ViLocated in Chong hamlet, Yen Bai commune, Ba Vi district, about 50km from the center of Hanoi capital to the west, Ban Xoi tourist area is becoming more and more famous as a picnic spot in the suburbs of Hanoi as well as in the community of travelholics.This place is planned into 9 main areas, of which zones 1 to 6 are for high-class resorts with private villas, restaurants, luxury hotels, and a system of high-quality luxury services such as spa, golf course, sauna.

The rest is an entertainment area aimed at ordinary tourists with poetic natural scenery with lakes – green trees, a system of unique stilt houses, amusement parks, and restaurants for your most memorable resort experience.🚘How to get to Ban Xoi Ba ViBan Xoi Ba Vi is located not too far from the city center, so motorbikes or personal cars are the most used means of transport when traveling to Ban Xoi Ba Vi because it both helps you to be proactive in terms of time and save cost but not take too much time, just over 1 hour only.Accordingly, there are 2 routes that you can refer to:- Going to Son Tay along road 32 and then following the direction of Yen Bai commune towards Chong village to reach Ban Xoi valley.- Or going in the direction of Thang Long Boulevard to Lang – Hoa Lac and then through the cultural village of Vietnamese ethnic groups to get here.

🌼What is the most beautiful season to travel to Ban Xoi Ba Vi?According to the Ban Xoi travel experience of the forerunners as well as the local people, Ba Vi is most beautiful in autumn. The weather is cool and pleasant and there are a lot of beautiful blooming flowers. So you will have the most wonderful vacation. Obviously, you should avoid rainy days because the mountain road will be very difficult and dangerous, the scenery is not beautiful to take virtual-living photos anymore.

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🚣What’s interesting in Ban Xoi Ba Vi?✔Many beautiful virtual-living cornersIn addition to the poetic natural scenery with a vast and clear lake like a giant mirror reflecting everything and a green forest, Ban Xoi Ba Vi eco-tourism area also has countless unique virtual-living corners that make people fall in love.Typically imagine is the wooden swings hung everywhere in the village. Although the design is simple, when combined with the view angle here, it creates shimmering and luxurious pictures just like dreamy Bali. Or the colorful tire area located right by the lake is also an extremely ideal place to pose with friends.

If you like a style that brings back a little bit of childhood, the bamboo bridge leading to the middle of the lake with two rows of cool bamboo swaying in the wind in the center of Ban Xoi is your ultimate check-in place. Each shooting angle here will bring a different style and beauty. Revealing, taking photos with a drone to get the whole scene of the bridge and lake will be even better.

✔Experience many exciting outdoor activitiesIt will be a huge omission if you come to Ban Xoi valley without participating in interesting outdoor games such as kayaking on the lake or playing teambuilding on the vast grass to bond with friends, colleagues, and family.

In particular, the grass here is also an extremely ideal place for camping as well as outdoor BBQ parties. Imagine that, under the red, fanciful, and picturesque sunset sky, you are gathered around the smoky grill, emitting a fragrant aroma, laughing and talking. And at night, you will lie down on the grass, watch the starry sky and tell each other things from the sky and the sea. What could be more wonderful than this?

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✔Delicious cuisineWhether you bring food or not, definitely do not miss the extremely delicious specialties here such as steamed hill chicken, grilled Muong pig, fragrant rice, Muong sticky rice, sweet and sour grated salad with pig ears and wild vegetables. It will definitely make you eat once and remember it for a lifetime.

🏚Staying at Ban Xoi Ba ViBan Xoi Villa & Resort is the most luxurious resort in Ban Xoi Ba Vi. The buildings here are designed in a unique rustic architectural style that harmoniously combines a little Nordic and a little rustic of Asia, surrounded by a lot of green trees, with a beautiful lake view, typical of which are MyBinSu Villa and Clear Villa 209. This place promises to bring you memorable moments for your stay.

If you want to save more, you can stay in a stilt house. A small house on stilts costs from VND 1,000,000 to VND 1,200,000 for 4 to 7 people, and a large house on stilts costs over VND 2,000,000 for over 20 people.➡A few notes when visiting Ban Xoi Ba ViTicket price: 30,000 VND/person.Equipment to bring: If you have a need to camp overnight, remember to bring your tent, stove, food, barbecue, and personal items such as toilet paper, face towels because there are not many shops in the village.If the city is too busy, pack your backpack and go to Ban Xoi Ba Vi to relax!

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