Trang chủWORLDEnjoy the brilliant golden sunshine at winter destinations in Europe

Enjoy the brilliant golden sunshine at winter destinations in Europe

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Head to Spain’s beautiful Canary island, Italy’s Sicily or a series of winter destinations to enjoy a warm winter and soft sunshine all season long.Winter travel doesn’t mean you can only be immersed in ice or cold to the skin. There are many destinations throughout Europe that are ideal for travelers to enjoy the winter sun and enjoy the warm climate even while traveling during the last months of the year.The warmest winter travel destination in EuropeCanary Island, Spain

Whether it’s winter or summer, Canary always has warm rays of sunshine. Photo: The TimeIn the summer, the breezes that reach Lanzarote and Fuerteventura provide relief from the intense heat and are a big draw for windsurfers. But even in winter, the gentle breeze bringing cool air makes Tenerife or Gran Canaria on the Canary Islands an ideal winter travel destination.

A comfortable temperature of not more than 21 Celsius degrees allows you to freely check in on this island. Photo: limitless-secretsThere are many attractive destinations that invite visitors with a comfortable temperature of no more than 21 Celsius degrees. In particular, the capital Las Palmas possesses rich cuisine, the village of Artenara with a peaceful setting suitable for those who like hiking, …City of Athens, Greece

Athens is a city of myths, keeping the ruins of ancient Greece. Photo: CNTravelThe capital of Athens is a worthy winter travel destination in Europe, with a warmer climate than many other coastal destinations in Greece. In addition to famous places, Athens also attracts visitors with many unique culinary restaurants and beautiful hotels. You can stay at the sweet guesthouse the Alice Inn with classic style in the middle of Plaka old town for the best experience.

No matter the season of the year, this city offers you great experiences. Photo: PinterestSpend your days exploring museums, libraries, and galleries like the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, home to the National Library of Greece, the National Opera of Greece, and more.Town of Sicily, Italy

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Sunny streets and brilliant flowers in the town of Sicily. Photo: istockItaly’s southernmost island is closer to Tunis than Rome and has the right weather for winter travel in the later months of the year. Visiting this time of year gives you the chance to get close to Sicily’s incredible historic spaces like the Temple of Concordia in Agrigento, which is almost always crowded during peak season.

Enjoy the warm sunshine and pleasant weather on Italy’s southernmost island. Photo: thetravelWith a distinct culinary culture, you’ll find fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables in Sicily and you can also visit in February to sample sea urchin dishes.Antalya, Turkey

Although you cannot immerse yourself in the sea, you can still spend time exploring many other interesting things. Photo: galuxseeThe winter destination in Europe is the “home” of many high-class hotels as well as family-friendly leisure resorts, offering a full golf course or adventure playground by the beach. On Turkey’s wild southwest coast lies the beautiful city of Bodrum and lovely Didyma with its historic temple – stops you can’t miss.Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus possesses a long coastline, beautiful beaches, and majestic mountains. Photo: worldtravelguideThe Republic of Cyprus (Cyprus) is an island located in the eastern Mediterranean, possessing a long coastline, beautiful beaches, rocky hills, and mountains covered by jungle. Not only a destination for nature lovers, with pleasant temperatures all year round, Cyprus is also an ideal choice for a winter trip of all guests.

Paphos is a city of ancient ruins. Photo: HotelsThe coastal city of Paphos is a great place to explore islands or ancient ruins. To the north are some of the best beaches, where lucky visitors can spot sharks and green turtles. Winter is also an ideal time for hiking in the dense forests of Cyprus and visiting the fascinating Byzantine monasteries.Madeira Islands, PortugalThe beauty of the Madeira Islands in the gentle winter sunlight. Photo: InsiderThrillers are sure to dream of a European winter trip to the Madeira Islands – one of Portugal’s many amazing sites. Far from what many people think, Madeira not only preserves ancient ruins but is also likened to a miniature paradise garden.

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This is also a destination for tourists who love mountain biking and paragliding. Photo: PinterestThis archipelago possesses a unique black sand beach, majestic cliffs, and mysterious canyons, making it a great choice for travelers interested in mountain biking and paragliding to admire the beautiful scenery from above. According to the winter travel experience of many visitors, this is also the only place that provides sled service all year round.Some other Greek islands

Santorini is “regardlessly beautiful” no matter what season of the year. Photo: handluggageonlyDepending on where you choose, temperatures range from 12–17 Celsius degrees in the popular Greek islands making them a great winter travel destination. From the Aegean to Paros, Santorini, and Milos are full of soft sunshine, ideal for those who love swimming.

. Rhodes is known for its clear blue sky and warm temperatures in winter. Photo: daydreamereventsncAt places like Santorini, visiting during the low season at the end of the year means you can explore picturesque vistas without the crowds, while Rhodes is known for its clear blue sky and warm temperatures in winter. In Paros, stay at Parīlio – dubbed one of the best new hotels with affordable pool-side rooms.The island nation of MaltaMalta is likened to the jewel of the Mediterranean region. Photo: travelandleisureWith up to 300 sunny days per year, your winter trip will be filled with sunshine when you visit the islands of Malta. Considered as the “jewel” of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is also an interesting historical and cultural center that attracts tourists from all over the world when coming to Europe.

You can visit and explore the quaint capital Valletta in winter on a weekend, stay at designer hotels and enjoy traditional Mediterranean cuisine at the seaside restaurant Sliema.

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