Trang chủFOOD AND DRINKEscape the noise and find inner peace at a small house called...

Escape the noise and find inner peace at a small house called TOKI Cottage

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TOKI Cottage – the brand new name in the Ninh Binh tourist map is attractive enough to keep anyone who has lost their way here with its original and simple beauty. Let’s discover the best of this distinct house!

LANNPHUONG🏕🏕 Where is TOKI Cottage?Located in the center of Hoa Lu ancient capital, TOKI Cottage is a 3-star resort with TOKI Cottage Dam Khe as its full name. TOKI has a relatively convenient location for tourists to have fun and visit. This place is quite close to famous tourist attractions of Ninh Binh like Thung Nham Bird Park (4km away), Bai Dinh pagoda (9km away). Therefore, it’s easy to move to other places from TOKI.

PHUONGGLANNGO, _SHINNAE⭐TOKI Cottage lies amid the quiet countryside of the ancient capital, so it always keeps a tranquil space. This place is suitable for those who want to have authentic vacation time, away from the noise and dust of the city. The isolated area at TOKI also helps you feel the most clearly characteristics of the peaceful northern countryside. That is why more and more people want to escape in this small-scale house.

A_CHINNNNN⛳Address: Hamlet 5, Dam Khe Trong, Ninh Hai Commune, Hoa Lu District, Ninh Binh Province❤Great things at TOKI Cottage- Dam Khe✅Called a resort, but TOKI Cottage has only four rooms with very rustic names such as Lan, Sen, Na, and Cuc. Each main room is a three-compartment house cleverly and delicately designed, but it still retains the basic features of rural architecture in the Northern Delta. Familiar images such as a well, an old tiled roof, or a green garden will bring you a feeling of intimacy and comfort.

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Despite its small space, TOKI has an impressive swimming pool. In the summer, following fun activities and picnics held in the garden, the swimming pool is the place winning tourists’ hearts most. It is also a space for you to relax and let go of your sorrows and fatigue. Immersing yourself in the cool water and admiring the surrounding scenery will surely bring you the best relaxing time.

HHUC_S✅ Not only is TOKI Cottage a resort but also a peaceful little corner for you to refresh your soul. Every little corner at TOKI is cleverly designed and taken care of. Therefore, no matter where you go or do anything at TOKI, you will still feel the sophistication and mind of the space creators.👉Explore rooms at TOKI▶The common feature of the rooms at TOKI Cottage is the simple but cozy space. The room’s interior is not fancy but comfortable. Notably, four rooms have a very airy garden view, creating a feeling of closeness to nature and very suitable for your vacation.

_SHINNAE👍👍However, each room at TOKI Cottage has its style and creates an extraordinary impression. Lan room is a space filled with garden sunshine, while Sen is a place with a nostalgic and somewhat quieter beauty. If you want to stay in a room near the pool, choose Na to enjoy that spacious space. If you desire to stay in a genuinely private and warm place, Cuc – the smallest room is the choice for you.

LYNH.CI, NGCBBB❌Note that all four rooms of TOKI have enough space for two adults and two children or three adults. If you go with a group of friends or family, the space of TOKI Cottage is very suitable. This place is spacious enough for the whole party to have fun and ensures the necessary privacy so that everyone can chill in this unique space.

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HHUC_S🚩🚩Must-try experiences at TOKIThere have been many reviews that going to TOKI Cottage is enough for a trip. This is comprehensively understandable because although it is small, TOKI can bring you a complete vacation with quite a few gentle but fascinating experiences.

LIUUULIUU, XUXUUU_NTH🏕It is a country-style breakfast with porridge and rolled rice pancakes. It is also an airy outdoor party space, next to a swimming pool and lush gardens. And taking selfies at this stunning space of TOKI is indispensable.

HG.HANG🎁Coming to TOKI Cottage, what you get is not only a great vacation but also a way to immerse yourself in a rare peaceful space after days of exhausting yourself with daily worries. If you want to refresh yourself one day, remember to visit TOKI Cottage!

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