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Experience conquering Ham Lon mountain – A famous picnic spot for exploration lovers in Hanoi

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If you and your loved ones are too familiar with busy places in the capital, don’t be afraid to change of air with Ham Lon mountain – a famous picnic venue for those who love majestic and poetic nature.🌍🌎🌏If Hanoi travelholics do not have time for trekking schedules to remote locations, they can experience conquering Ham Lon mountain. It’s one of the golden spots for those who are passionate about exploring and participating in exciting outdoor activities.

Photo: lisabeo🌱 About Ham Lon mountain – Green area favored by travelholics on the edge of the capital.Compared to the roof of the capital with an altitude of 462m, Ham Lon mountain features majestic natural scenery with imposing mountains, immense green forests, and a green and temperate climate. Consequently, this spot is currently the golden coordinate for guests who love to challenge themselves with exciting outdoor travel activities such as trekking, camping, picnics on weekends or holidays with their loved ones and friends.

Photo: lee.anhh.731The highlight in the renowned mountain area in Hanoi is unquestionably in the challenging trekking routes. During conquering this place, visitors will have the opportunity to cross the dense forests, admire the poetic Ham Lon lake surface, and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. More importantly, do not forget to capture the impressive and attractive moments in the journey to conquer magnificent nature.

Photo: huutringuyen🌱 Ideal time to visit Ham Lon mountainWith the northern climate divided into four seasons, including spring, summer, autumn, and winter, visitors can tour Ham Lon mountain in Hanoi at any time of the year to feel the impressive seasonal beauty at this place.

Photo: @l.td164However, to ensure the safety of your discovery journey, you need to monitor the weather forecast every day to plan accordingly and avoid moving on a rainy day because the mountain road can be slippery, which leads to many risks for your trekking.

Photo: snack__snn🌱 Guide to moving to Ham Lon mountainHam Lon mountain is a part of Doc Ton mountain range in Soc Son territory, about 40km from Hanoi center in the direction of North Thang Long – Noi Bai highway. Therefore, moving here is not too difficult.You can choose to move in 2 ways:

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Photo: @am.channnBy busYou can take bus route 64 running from North Thang Long Industrial Park to Pho Ni (Binh An Commercial Center). The bus will park right near the path to the lake. Consequently, it is very convenient to travel.By motorcyclesMotorbikes are doubtless the means of choice for many tourists to move to this picnic spot in Hanoi with the desire to experience the fascinating feeling of an hour backpacking trip

Photo: tieu_yen_yenYou can depart from the center of Hanoi to the area of Thang Long bridge along the direction of Thang Long – Noi Bai highway. Then turn left in the direction of Vinh Phuc at the intersection of National Highway 2. Continue going straight until you see the sea of Viet Phu Thanh Chuong and Nui hamlet, turn right, then go straight for another 7km. There is a right turn indicating the way to Viet Phu, go straight to Ham Lon.

Photo: maineapple_🌱 Experience fascinating activities in Ham Lon mountain area✔ Trek the majestic roof of the capitalIf you have the opportunity to participate in Hanoi tours, you cannot miss trekking to conquer the wild, poetic Ham Lon mountain- one of the exciting activities when coming here. Depending on your endurance, you can choose the appropriate route for your journey.

Photo: lan.nnny▪Safe routeThis trail in Ham Lon mountain is suitable for those who have just experienced trekking for the first time or want to move safely. The reason is that the trail area is relatively flat, easy to go, has fewer bushes, and it only takes 2 – 2 hours and a half, depending on your health.

Photo: @am.channnOn this route, you need to move through a pine forest and follow the dirt road around the foot of the mountain. Then you will encounter a very narrow path next to the shallow stream to reach the top.

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Photo: l.td164▪ Adventure roadThe attractive road at this famous mountain in Hanoi is for those who are passionate about backpacking and adventure. The journey is relatively troublesome as you have to cross streams and dense forests, which takes about 3 hours – 4 hours. Because of the higher difficulty, you need to prepare the necessary tools, costumes, and necessary protective gear to protect yourself. All difficulties will be rewarded as you can admire the panorama of wild mountains and forests and immerse yourself in the fresh and peaceful atmosphere of this most majestic mountain in Hanoi during the process of moving.

Photo: snack__snn

Photo: snack__snn🌱 Experience participating in attractive outdoor activitiesOn the way to discover Ham Lon mountain, there are many places for you to stop for a rest, strike camp and organize fascinating picnics with loved ones like poetic Ham Lon lake or flat areas in the forest. After striking camp, you and your loved ones can start a campfire, organize an attractive BBQ party. More importantly, you should pay attention to cleaning up before moving on.

Photo: huutringuyenDuring the striking camp process, do not forget to take a walk to admire the attractive and poetic green spaces at the charming lake area or the coordinates of the green forests to find yourself countless impressive backgrounds for superb photos. This place will assuredly bring you many memorable memories for the journey to discover the wild and magnificent nature.

Photo: lisabeoTemporarily putting aside the hustle and bustle in the city, you can find peaceful moments in the wild and poetic Ham Lon mountain located on the edge of the capital. This place brings you exciting challenges and helps you and your loved ones experience many new and attractive outdoor travel activities during the journey to conquer nature.

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