Trang chủWORLDExplore Buddhist art at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum in Singapore

Explore Buddhist art at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum in Singapore

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Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum has a sophisticated design in the style of the Tang Dynasty. Built-in 2007 and located in Chinatown, this temple is imbued with Chinese architecture.

Photo: yoyo919.twLied in the historic Chinatown area, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is exquisite and meticulous in design. It is a frequent venue for comprehensive exhibitions on Buddhist art and history in-depth in Singapore. The entire temple has five floors and a basement. The temple is considered the most massive Buddhist art museum in Singapore.

Photo: singapour.tourismeWhat’s inside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple?Buddha Tooth Relic Temple features Chinese architectural style, especially the Tang Dynasty architecture- the most prosperous period of Buddhism in China. Conceptualized and designed by Venerable Shi Fa Zhao, the temple costs a total construction cost of up to $75 million.

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Photo: amebeverlyIn terms of architecture, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple takes inspiration from the Buddhist mandala – a symbol in Buddhist culture, representing the vast universe. Thanks to this idea, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is vast in area and massive in architecture.

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a sophisticated architectural work. Photo: 5fivegraphyThe carving patterns and decoration here are very delicate and meticulous. It can be said that this is a Buddhist architecture worthy of praise.

Photo: zyciewsingapurzeBuddha Tooth Relic Temple is divided into many separate floors. Each floor displays many artifacts with different uses. On the 3rd floor, visitors can visit the Buddha Culture Museum – a museum displaying the bone and tongue relics of the sacred Buddha. Sacred Hight Hall on the 4th floor is the place that keeps the most important treasure of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.

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Photo: yoyo919.twThe Buddha relic is housed in the stupa with a total weight of more than 3500 kg. The unique thing is that there are 320 kilograms of gold (234 kilograms were donated by people) out of that 3500 kg. Due to that significant value, visitors are not free to enter this area. When coming here to visit, you can see the stupa from a dedicated observation area for visitors.

Photo: yoyo919.twIf you love a quiet space to calm down and relax, the terrace will be the place for you. Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’s terrace is a relatively tranquil garden. It is the place where the Ten Thousand Buddhas and the Buddha Tathagata prayer wheel are situated.

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Photo: sinn_lowOther highlights include the Eminent Sangha Museum, a theatre that holds cultural performances, talks, and film screenings related to Buddhism and related issues.

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Photo: yoyo919.twContinuing the mastery of the truth about the true nature of existence and perfecting the qualities of wisdom and compassion more than 2,500 years ago, Buddha Tooth Relic Temple continues to be the place to spread the doctrines with the heritage of Buddha Shakyamuni through many talks and seminars. They are intensively invested in content and form with the participation of many scholars in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple’s interpretations and lectures.

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