Trang chủQUY NHƠNExplore the bewitching sea rapids in Quy Nhon

Explore the bewitching sea rapids in Quy Nhon

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The sea rapids in Quy Nhon are as beautiful as a dream, cuddling the long coastline and the rocky beaches of all shapes are like an ardent yeast that makes travelers intoxicated and infatuated. Stopping at the stunning rapids to listen to the sound of the waves and enjoy the winds, gazing at the gorgeous picture of nature will be an unforgettable experience.💦💦💦Not only is Quy Nhon a peaceful country with kind people and delicious cuisine, but it is also a wonderful sea featuring sweet and fierce beauty. The rapids in Quy Nhon have long been favorite check-in points for many people thanks to their glamorous scenery. The sea rapids here feature a unique, attractive, and captivating beauty. Consequently, they’re great places for visitors to feel the sheer beauty, gently bringing their souls an adventure with the sea and sky plus the tip-top music of the sound of the waves. Coming to Quy Nhon, you doubtless do not miss the most beautiful rapids of this land.Check in the rapids in Quy Nhon with the second-to-none scenery for you to freely take pictures

Photo: hmeuu📍Ghenh Rang – Tien SaAs one of the most renowned sea rapids in Quy Nhon, the rapid on the side of Xuan Van mountain has always been a popular check-in point among many tourists. Upon arriving at Quy Nhon, visitors will often come to Ghenh Rang to reach Mong Cam slope and check in with the gorgeous Egg Stone Beach.

Photo: hmeuuThe scenery here is breathtakingly variable, with stunning rocks crisscrossing the mountainside and golden sands interspersed among the crashing waves at the end of the rapids. There is also Hon Chong, a place that first-time visitors must find overwhelming. The reason is that a giant precarious rock seems to be able to collapse at any time in front of your eyes. However, that 6-meter rock still stands there for many generations with an impressively precarious and fragile position.

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Photo: hoa.quynh.anhComing to Ghenh Rang Tien Sa, visitors can not only admire such picturesque landscapes but also visit the Ghenh Rang stone church and the beautiful and peaceful Quy Hoa valley area.

Photo:@btduong_📍 Lo Dieu RapidThis rapid is considered a sleeping fairy with exquisite scenery. This place is associated with the legendary numberless pier relic, so it is also one of the distinguished destinations of Binh Dinh.

Photo: QuyencoveryFrom the center of Bong Son town, Hoai Nhon district, visitors will cross the pass to Hoai My commune to visit Lo Dieu rapids. The scenery here is very pristine, with beautiful interlaced rapids. The erosion over time of the stones creates many unique shapes. It is one of the most beautiful and untouched sea rapids in Quy Nhon, especially in the moss-covered season.This rapids is beautiful all year round, and each season has its own beauty. However, if you want to enjoy the most stunning scenery of this place, March to September is an ideal time.

Photo: Quyencovery📍 Nhon Hai RapidIf you are crazy about places with gentle and romantic beauty, Nhon Hai rapids is the ideal place. The scenery here is like a sheer picture with vast seas, boats, rocky beaches. By standing in front of the rapid and contemplating this place, you will feel like you’re being immersed in the endless melody of the sea, the waves, the vast sky, and the earth. Only when coming to this rapid can you see that nature always has an unexpectedly sheer beauty.

Photo: moymyngamyNhon Hai is ordinarily beautiful, but in the mossy season or the moment of sunset or sunrise, the shimmering and fanciful features of this place will make us even more captivated. Coming to Nhon Hai sea rapid, you can not only admire the wonderful scenery but also discover the peaceful rhythm of the fishing village, follow the people going out to sea on their basket boats, dive to see corals and participate in many other top-notch experiences.

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Photo: _muoithaoThe rapids in Quy Nhon, with a blue sea, magnificent rocks, and the faint sea taste, make travelholics cannot ignore. No more worries and chaos of life, the sea of Binh Dinh will awaken your adventurous soul to enjoy sweet dreams for a complete journey. Come to feel it.

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