Trang chủDestinationsHÀ NỘIFall in love at the opulent Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat near Hanoi

Fall in love at the opulent Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat near Hanoi

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Referring to the “luxurious” resorts in Ba Vi, it is definitely impossible to ignore the name Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat. This is one of the high-class resorts that makes many tourists satisfied. If you are looking for a resort near Hanoi with full facilities and unique architecture, don’t miss Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat!

Photo: begodivn1. Something about Melia Bavi Mountain RetreatLocated right in the grounds of Ba Vi National Park near Hanoi, Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat is a tourist destination loved by many people. It is a harmonious and unique combination of French colonial style and ancient Vietnamese architecture, which is in harmony with the natural space.

Photo: @lehatrucLocated at an altitude of about 1100m, this place is favored by nature for its gorgeous natural scenery and fresh cool climate all year round. Coming here, you will be able to escape the noisy, crowded atmosphere of the city and enjoy the peace and tranquility.

Photo: @lehatrucNot only that, Melia also offers a variety of exciting activities such as camping, climbing, cycling, swimming at the four-season pool, meditation, yoga lessons. You will have an unforgettable stay here.2. Directions to Melia Bavi RetreatOnly about 70km from Hanoi city center, the traveling time is about 1 hour and 50 minutes, so you can easily move there by many different means of transport.From the center of Hanoi, you move along the road to Thang Long Boulevard towards Ba Vi National Park. From the gate of the National Park, you continue to go straight about 10-12 km to Cot 600, then you will reach the resort.

Photo: haohao.ulz3. Explore the accommodation at Melia Bavi Mountain RetreatMelia Bavi Mountain Retreat truly deserves to be one of the luxurious, 5-star resorts among your choices. Owning a large campus, this resort has 47 rooms and villas. The system of rooms here are designed from familiar materials such as wood, bamboo, etc. However, this does not detract from the sophistication and class of these rooms.

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Photo: collectiblesThe common feature of these room types is to bring a green space. All rooms at Melia have spacious windows with lovely garden views. Also, each room is fully equipped with modern amenities such as a bathtub, television, desk, and bar.

Photo: @25thangg_09Not only that, but if you come here with your family or a large group of friends, you can choose to stay at luxurious villas! With amenities, full equipment and spacious area, and various different room types, the resort will make you feel at home!

Photo: thuhuyen.nguyen.56214. Room rates at Melia Bavi Mountain RetreatMelia Bavi Mountain Retreat features a variety of room types to suit the individual needs. It is ideal for outings with coworkers, family, and so on. The plus point here is that all rooms have very spacious space. Please refer to the details of the rooms below!Deluxe double bed: VND 2,950,000/nightPremium: VND 3,430,000/nightJunior Suite Family: VND 6,122,000/nightJunior Suite: VND 6,310,000/nightSuite Level Grand: VND 7,235,000/nightThe Level Junior Suite: VND 9,828,000/night

Photo: joys.vietnam5. Enticing activities and services at the resort5.1. Enjoy “luxury” dishesThere are two restaurants on the resort’s grounds that specialize in catering to guests’ culinary needs. In the morning, you can enjoy a buffet breakfast with a rich menu, from simple specialties to European – Asian dishes for foreign guests.

Photo: @lehatrucNot only that, but there is another restaurant serving a la carte. The restaurant’s chefs are experienced professionals, so the quality of the food here is always highly appreciated.5.2. Immerse yourself in naturehis resort has a very beautiful natural setting, which cannot be found anywhere else. Coming here will make you feel as if you are lost in a certain forest!

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Photo: begodivnThe resort is nestled in the middle of Ba Vi mountain ranges, surrounded by vast forests on four sides. Many people even liken this place to a poetic fairy of Ba Vi! Furthermore, because of its location on high terrain, Melia Bavi also offers a view from above as well as a very pleasant and cool climate all year round.5.3. Lots of convenient servicesAs a high-class resort, Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat will not disappoint you with its convenient services. Outside of the resort is a spacious swimming pool with a beautiful view of the mountains. Revealing to you, this is also a “sanctuary” for one-of-a-kind virtual-living photos!


Photo: @lehatrucIn addition, Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat also provides a series of other high-quality services such as bar, spa room, meeting-conference room, camping or team building service, etc. If you have a need, you can discuss it with the staff for dedicated service when checking in!6. Attractions near Melia Bavi Mountain RetreatMelia Bavi Mountain Retreat is located right on the campus of Ba Vi National Park. Therefore, when you come here, you will be able to easily combine visits to nearby attractions, such as Ba Vi Cactus Garden, Thuong Temple, Duong Lam Ancient Village, Tien Sa Lake, and so on.

Photo: callmexxu

Photo: dandandenroiComing to Melia Bavi Mountain Retreat, you will experience 5-star international standard services and experience the unique architectural backgrounds with classic style. If you visit Ba Vi, don’t miss out on this luxurious and one-of-a-kind resort!

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