Trang chủWORLDFascinated by China's most stunning yellow canola flower field

Fascinated by China’s most stunning yellow canola flower field

Although only a small district in China, Luoping is referred to as a real paradise due to the ecstatic beauty of endless stretches of yellow canola flowers. Every spring, thousands of tourists come here to admire the beauty of canola flowers.

Photo: CollectedEvery year, after the traditional Lunar New Year season, Chinese and international tourists flock here to admire the ravishing beauty of yellow canola flowers in Luoping, Yunnan province, China. Luoping is a small district in Luoping district, Yunnan province, China, about 240km2 wide with a central town whose area is relatively modest.


@ubiez_travelCanola flowers in Luoping bloom from February to the end of March. Visitors will immerse themselves in the brilliant yellow color, under the warm spring rays of the sun. The entire Luoping district has 300,000 acres of canola flowers, so any road here is filled with brilliant yellow flowers. Canola flowers in Luoping are not only grown in gardens or common farming fields but also spread across a large area, interspersed with small hills and simple roofs of local people. When the canola flower blooms, the whole land seems to be dyed a natural yellow color. Yellow canola flowers in full bloom attract a lot of bees and butterflies here. Each wind blows, the whole field of yellow flowers sways in waves like ripples.

Photo: Collected

Photo: Huynh Thanh Phuong AnhThe local government has created small paths between the flower beds for easy visits. However, in Luoping, people’s lives still retain many homely, simple and peaceful features, so tourism services have not been developed. In the gardens, people also built many observatories and wooden paths in the middle of the flower gardens for visitors to freely take photos.

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@ubiez_bellaThe mist still surrounds the path, which is the best time for you to get up very early, prepare a camera or simply a phone, then take a stroll around the canola garden. Stepping into the canola flower field in Luoping, visitors seem to enter a new world of yellow light, natural fragrance of canola flowers, and a little honey from a farmer who took honey from afar. It’s truly an experience worth having in life! The white color of pear blossom, plum blossom, the pink color of peach petals, together with the yellow color of canola flowers, peeking out from under the old roofs, is a pure and elegant picture of nature that perhaps no camera can capture.

Photo: Huynh Thanh Phuong Anh



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