Trang chủDestinationsHỒ CHÍ MINHFive hundred-year-old places attracting young people to check in in Saigon

Five hundred-year-old places attracting young people to check in in Saigon

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In addition to rich cuisine and gentle people, Saigon also has many hundred-year-old destinations.💟💟Ho Chi Minh City Post Office

(Photo: @loveelerosie).

(Photo: @_bytranbui_).You shouldn’t miss this must-visit spot when coming to Saigon. Built around 1886-1891, the post office lies in the Paris Commune Square, district 1, designed by French architect Bonard. The architecture of the building is a harmonious combination of prominent Western and Eastern styles.💟💟Notre Dame Cathedral

(Photo: @iamkoo5).Notre Dame Cathedral is considered a symbol of Saigon. The church was built from 1877 to 1880 with impressive red and orange bricks. The scene in front of Notre Dame Cathedral is a popular check-in point for many tourists.

(Photo: @litivivu).

(Photo: @manhtienkhoi_).The check-in corner with the window overlooking the church of a shop called Nguoi Tam Truyen House is currently the favored one for the youth. It is a small room with three tables located in an old apartment building in the heart of District 1.💟💟Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens

(Photo: @mibabe411).

(Photo: @nt_linh98).The Zoo and Botanical Gardens was built in 1864 and opened to visitors in 1869. It is now one of the eight oldest zoos in the world. This venue features many beautiful virtual living backgrounds for visitors to freely shoot, including an orchid garden, golden wall dubbed Little Hoian.💟💟Municipal Theatre of Ho Chi Minh City

(Photo: @manhluat.jpeg).

(Photo: kimmei.lee)

(Photo: @liinhmai).The theater has a facade facing Lam Son Square and Dong Khoi Street. This work was built in 1898 and inaugurated in early 1900. The theater is in Baroque style with a façade strongly influenced by the art of the Petit Palais Theater in Paris (France).💟💟Tan Dinh Church

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(Photo: @gocchihcm).The church was built around 1870-1876. The distinctive pink color makes the church stand out from many other sites. In early June 2020, the travel magazine CN Travel (USA) listed Tan Dinh as the top 10 most impressive pink destinations worldwide.

(Photo: @giathilinh).The church has many beautiful corners to take pictures of, but the most popular is the camera angle from the bottom up to see the majesty of the building. On weekdays, visitors can freely come to take pictures and visit.💟💟Mong Bridge

(Photo: @emi_chantran).

(Photo: dg_phg)Built-in 1893 – 1894, this is one of the oldest bridges in the city. The bridge crosses the Ben Nghe canal, connecting District 1 and District 4. This place no longer has traffic but becomes a virtual living place with a view overlooking Bitexco.

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