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For the past two years, the girl who has visited 25 countries hasn’t traveled.

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When the Covid-19 outbreak struck, Thuy Duong postponed her plans to see the world and instead traveled across Vietnam with her companions.Dang Thuy Duong (born 1989, Da Nang) is a designer and owner of many fashion brands for young people. She studied fashion design at Istituto Marangoni, London School of Fashion and Design (United Kingdom). Thuy Duong had been to four continents and 25 countries before the pandemic (excluding Vietnam).I was unable to travel overseas after a trip to Japan about two years ago owing to the pandemic’s influence. Not only that, but domestic travel has grown increasingly problematic.The sensation of being in a frenzy and then unable to move is perplexing. However, due to the force majeure circumstance, I was forced to accept it.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, Thuy Duong traveled for around a month per trip on average. The photograph was taken on a trip to Harbin, China, near the end of 2019.Explore VietnamRecently, I traveled domestically or made road trips (long journeys on the road, usually by car) with a few friends.Like the road trip earlier this year, 3 of my friends flew from Hanoi to Da Nang. After that, we drove together, stopping at Nha Trang, Da Lat, Phan Thiet, Dak Nong, and the last point was Ho Chi Minh City.In the morning, the party watched the dawn in Nha Trang, and in the evening, we enjoyed the sunset in Da Lat.Such vacations provide me with many unique memories and experiences; I get to explore several sites and sample various regional delicacies.I enjoy going on road vacations because, in addition to being free to take the initiative in time and stop anywhere I choose, I can also bring my dog.

For nearly two years, the young designer has spent time exploring the beauty of Vietnam.Aside from the unforgettable road travels, the hiking journey through the Tiger cave system and Pygmy cave in Quang Binh also left an indelible imprint on me. Perhaps in part because, after finishing the journey, my extremities felt like they were about to come apart for a few days.It’s not just a journey for me; it’s an adventure of self-discovery, from hiking through the jungle to swimming in the cold dark cave for the first time to climbing and crawling in the cave… and meeting other Quang Binh porters.Going to learn about how lovely Vietnam is, its unique landscape, and the ecology that not everyone in the world possesses.Traveling at home or abroad is the same for me because each area has its mark and experience. If there is a distinction, the most evident is that of language.When you go out in Vietnam, being able to utilize your mother tongue makes everything easier since you can always ask for support from a loved one. When I travel overseas, I encounter many new things that I have never encountered before, and I must cope with problems along the way. Furthermore, when I traveled to non-English speaking places, I had to discover alternative means to communicate.

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The trekking trip in Quang Binh gave Thuy Duong many memorable experiences.Do not rush to move after the distanceMany provinces and cities have just undergone a long quarantine period, some places gradually reopen to welcome tourists. However, while hotels, homestays, and restaurants look forward to reopening, people in some places are still afraid of the spread of the disease, so they are not happy when they see people from other provinces.Going to an unwelcome place will also make me uncomfortable, so when traveling during the epidemic season, I choose deserted places where I don’t interact with too many people.My most recent trip was a road trip in Da Lat to the forest to watch the sunset, rowing around Tuyen Lam lake and walking around in a homestay with a beautiful garden.When the distance order is eased, I also look forward to moving and planning to travel, but not for “revenge”. The time at home is quite long, so I need a small trip to relieve stress, recharge my energy to start a new reel.

Thuy Duong visited Switzerland, Bhutan, Morocco, and Singapore.In my opinion, the trend of leisure travel before the outbreak and “revenge tourism” is no longer appropriate at this time.Because the pandemic is still a concern, holiday planning must be extra cautious: choose a natural setting, avoid large gatherings, and travel in private automobiles to avoid being engaged or inadvertently harming the environment. Additionally, they must follow the 5K rule in public areas, prove that they have had two immunizations, and be tested for Covid-19 up to 72 hours before the trip.Traveling is about balancing life, having fun, and enjoying the journey for me. As a result, I’ll walk out with a calm mind, without rushing to go anywhere if it’s too tough.In the last two years, I’ve also used the media and acquaintances who live and work in various places to keep me informed on the global pandemic situation.International travel is currently on the rise, although it is still very simple to return to Vietnam; nonetheless, formalities, isolation laws, and fewer aircraft than before exist.When everything is in order and the relocation is simple, I will resume my two-year-old plan to visit Canada and the United States. I had filed for a visa and planned a trip at the time, but due to the outbreak of sickness, I had to postpone it.

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During the pandemic, Thuy Duong stated that she should be concerned about her safety as well as the safety of her community.Depending on the season, my first stop may be Korea, Japan, or Thailand, which are closer to Vietnam and simpler to travelMany people ask me whether I have invested in the path of becoming a travel blogger because I have a huge amount of followers on my page. I frequently take notes on my travels and share information with others that I find beneficial, but I believe I need to devote more time and effort to more professional activities.

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