Trang chủTÂY NINHFour check-in spots dedicated to virtual living lovers in Tay Ninh

Four check-in spots dedicated to virtual living lovers in Tay Ninh

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Thanks to magnificent and unspoiled natural landscapes along with unique architectural works, Tay Ninh tourism is in no way inferior to any other province. Join Hahalolo in discovering four check-in spots dedicated to virtual living lovers in Tay Ninh below!BA DEN MOUNTAIN

Photo: tommieznguyenBa Den Mountain is the hottest check-in point in Tay Ninh. If you’re wondering why it is, try asking any travelholic you know. The first mentioned name when it comes to Tay Ninh is undoubtedly Ba Den Mountain.

Photo: thu.pykaBa Den Mountain is known as the roof of the Southeast and is also an incredible tourist attraction in Tay Ninh. Coming here, you can participate in many fascinating experiences, especially the experience conquering the unique mountain, and watching the beautiful sunrise. If you are lucky, you can even hunt clouds on the mountain top.

Photo: tommieznguyenWhat to play if you don’t have enough time and health upon your arrival at Ba Den? Don’t worry. You can still experience riding a cable car to the top. On the cable car route, you can enjoy scenes with the charming clouds and capture myriads of stunning views. You can still conquer Ba Den Peak by this easiest cable car route.

Photo: biktran,liam.trGA KEN PAGODA

Photo: nguyenoannhTay Ninh is not only known for its wild and idyllic natural scenery, but it is also the land of religious works. Go Ken Pagoda is probably another attractive destination among the four check-in spots in Tay Ninh. Located in Long Thanh Trung, Hoa Thanh, Tay Ninh, Go Ken is a hundred-year-old pagoda. The pagoda is also known as Thien Lam Tu and is also the sacred place where people go on pilgrimage, pray for luck and peace in life.

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The pagoda has a distinct architecture, as it’s built based on the harmonious combination of East and West cultures. Prominent are the statues of Guanyin Bodhisattva standing on a seven-meter tall dragon, 25m long Nirvana Buddha statue, and Shakyamuni Buddha under the shadow of the Bodhi tree. This pagoda is also the favorite check-in point for many tourists.

Photo: sieu_nhan_mau_xanh, imquynh.0504What attracts many visitors is that this pagoda has the spirit of Buddhism but at the same time makes us feel that we’re in a church. Perhaps the main reason is the close relationship with Caodaism. To learn more, visit Tay Ninh with a stop at this unique pagoda!

TAY NINH HOLY SEEPhoto: anhtins_No stranger to many people, the Holy See is also a super attractive check-in spot in Tay Ninh. The Holy See is considered the symbol of Tay Ninh land. Because coming to Tay Ninh, no matter how people rush, they still pass by the Holy See in time to take a superb picture here. By taking photos with Tay Ninh Holy See, your friends and relatives will know you have set foot in this land.

Photo: duduz_nhnTay Ninh Holy See is a unique religious work of Caodaism. This place worships Thien Nhan, one of the sacred symbols of Caodaism.

Photo: Trungnguyen, lcmndrtThe Holy See has impressive architecture, making anyone who visits once fascinated by the interior and exterior architecture. The interior architecture is unique with sophisticated patterns, especially the two rows of embossed pillars printed with extremely colorful dragon and phoenix images. The exterior architecture is the second-to-none check-in symbol with a characteristic yellow-orange color.

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Photo: annafood20If you have the opportunity to come to Tay Ninh, whether you have enough time or a little hurry, do not forget to visit Tay Ninh Holy See- the work featuring unique spiritual meaning!MA THIEN LANH ROCK LAKE

Photo: tretrexdMa Thien Lanh rock lake is a popular spot among backpackers in Tay Ninh. This place features an airy natural scenery, a lake with charming beauty, and a primeval forest that attracts anyone if they have the opportunity to stop by.

Photo: miisa.27Coming to this place, you can handily fall in love with many excellent check-in corners. Especially with the poetic scenery and cool air temperature, Ma Thien Lanh rock lake is considered little Dalat in Tay Ninh. It is also a favorite check-in place for young people, especially backpackers.

Photo: dnph.yen, sofia_nbvMa Thien Lanh is also very suitable for trips away from the hustle and bustle of the city, back to the fresh, unspoiled, and peaceful nature. Because of its beauty, infatuation, and superb views, this place deserves to be one of the four check-in points in Tay Ninh for virtual living lovers.

Photo: thanhhoaiiiiIn addition to the four mentioned-above check-in points in Tay Ninh for photography lovers, this exciting land also has countless beautiful destinations, delicious food, and fascinating experiences. If you don’t come here, you will regret it as you can’t feel all the features of this land. Therefore, hurry up to make a trip to Tay Ninh straightaway to visit four Tay Ninh check-in points that Hahalolo has introduced, anddiscover more roads, unique works to save your most meaningful journey!

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