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Full review about the first experience of Cat Linh – Ha Dong skytrain: “like a Japan trip”

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n addition to the 100 best things to do in Hanoi, now there’s the Cat Linh – Ha Dong skytrain! ​On the morning of November 6, after 10 years of waiting, Cat Linh – Ha Dong urban skytrain was officially put into operation and passenger service. This event has attracted a lot of attention from Hanoians – young and old, baby and adult.

Photo: Lan LanAfter the handover ceremony at 7 am, the first train departed and moved to the final station at Yen Nghia, Ha Dong and then to Cat Linh Station to welcome passengers to experience. In the first 15 days of opening, passengers will travel for free, so you can come here to try the sky railway experience, see the city from above and know what it’s like to travel by the skytrain.

Photo: @miao.yao_237At 7:40 am, the first experience train after handover departed. Customers swiped their magnetic cards before boarding. The first train officially rolled from Cat Linh station (Dong Da district, Hanoi) to Ha Dong station (Phu Luong ward, Ha Dong district, Hanoi). It took about 25 minutes to cover a distance of 13.5km.

Photo: Dieu Minh Tri

Photo: @caube.ducAt 08:03 am, the train arrived at the last station at Yen Nghia – Ha Dong station. After about 25 minutes of experience, passengers got off the train at the end station of Yen Nghia, Ha Dong. Many people were delighted to be on this elevated railway for the first time. Everyone filmed and took pictures to capture this moment.

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Photo: @maiilee12At 8:47 a.m, the first people started going to the station in Cat Linh to catch the train to experience. From groups of young people to the grandparents, the children eagerly lined up. Many people were queuing at Cat Linh station from 7 am to get on the train. To get on the train, the staff will give you tickets, you just go through one door to get on the train right away. Thus, passengers can choose to board the train at Yen Nghia or Cat Linh stations.

Photo: @iammeiijWhen you get on the train in Cat Linh, you park your car right below with a security guard, so you can rest assured. According to Tiktoker Huy Linh Tinh, there are about 12 parking stations here, but no places are available for cars here. If you come here and then take the train, you will feel very secure.

Photo: @hoangngocha.97

Photo: @phihoangmaiThe train station is very beautiful, looks very modern, making you feel like a foreign country. The blue or green walls and the brand new pick-up location will definitely become the virtual-living coordinates that draw the attention of Hanoi young people shortly.

Photo: Nguyen Diem Quynh

Photo: Vu My LinhMany reviewers say the train is super fast and super quiet. The feeling of being alone on a road undisturbed by other traffic is very enjoyable. There is also air conditioning on board. Note: don’t forget that you must keep the ticket until the end of the journey. The staff who are at information desks and on the train are all very friendly.If you are a young person boarding the train, please make space for the elderly or disabled. If you want to take virtual-living photos, you should act like a civilized and polite person.

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Photo: Nguyen Duc Huy

Photo: @originalnghia3 operational phases of the projectThe trial operation phase was successful, absolutely safe with 5,740 trains and more than 70,000 km under the supervision of consultants and authorities.Phase 2 – from November 6, which lasts about a year. After being assessed, it will move to Phase 3 – sustainable operation if eligible.In the early days, the Cat Linh – Ha Dong railway will run 6 trains with a 10-minute interval. After 6 months, 12 trains will be run with a frequency of 6 minutes/trip, with a spare train.

Photo: Nguyen Chung

Photo: @_tuyndeyyThe daily ticket is VND 30,000/person (unlimited number of turns per day). The monthly ticket is VND 200,000/person for ordinary passengers; VND 100,000/person for students and workers in industrial zones. Employees at offices, offices, and businesses outside industrial zones buy monthly tickets in a collective form, at the price of 140,000 VND/person/month.Hanoi offers free tickets for people with meritorious services, the elderly, the disabled, children under 6 years old, and people from poor households.

Photo: @mi.a.ooEveryone is excited and curious to know what it’s like to travel by the skytrain. Hopefully, this will be a useful solution to solve the travel problem of the Hanoi people soon.

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