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Fusion Resort Phu Quoc – The resort checked in by many Vietnamese stars

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When summer comes, people think more about traveling for both enjoying lives and “relieving” stress.

It’s axiomatic to say that everyone wants to check in at luxury resorts; however, if your finances are now limited, you can consider Fusion Resort Phu Quoc! The room rate here is quite “reasonable,” only from 5 million VND/night, and the view is also very poetic.

In addition, Fusion Resort Phu Quoc is also a place where many Vietnamese stars come to enjoy their lives. So, let’s make a plan and go!

Ky Duyen and Minh Trieu are two of the guests who checked in at Fusion Resort Phu Quoc.

Quynh Anh Shyn had a memorable vacation here with her family.

Phi Phuong Anh wears sexy swimsuits and makes hot poses in a 5-star resort.

Bao Thy also has beautiful photos at Fusion Resort Phu Quoc.Similar to many other resorts, Fusion Resort Phu Quoc is also located in a “hidden” location, away from the noisy city and surrounded by the blue sea and tropical forests.

The resort is a 5-star standard resort with a total area of 20ha located in the north of Pearl Island. Fusion Resort Phu Quoc has 130 villas, each with a private swimming pool overlooking the sea, river, or garden.

Villa types here include one-bedroom Pool Villa, one-bedroom Pool Villa River, one-bedroom Pool Villa Ocean, two-bedroom Pool Villa River, two-bedroom Pool Villa Ocean, three-bedroom Pool Villa River and Grand Beach Villa.

The room rate will vary depending on the room class you choose. Usually, the price ranges from 5-22 million VND/night. If you book a room through some websites, you can easily “hunt” a room with a cheaper price of just under 5 million VND.

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The interesting thing when coming to Fusion Resort Phu Quoc is that in addition to enjoying a peaceful life by the beach, immersing in nature, you can also experience spa treatments at no extra cost.

Choose a stay at Fusion, you can eat “breakfast anytime, anywhere.” Yes, you did not hear wrong. Fusion does not require you to get up early to have breakfast in the familiar time frame from 6 am to 10 am but will let you enjoy breakfast anywhere, anytime you need.

Therefore, you can have breakfast at noon or late afternoon, at your private pool, in a villa, or somewhere near the sea with an extensive menu.

The design style of Fusion Resort Phu Quoc is close to Vietnamese tourists and attracts foreign tourists by combining traditional architecture with bold Vietnamese identity with cream and dominant wood colors.

In addition, the 5-star luxury resort on Pearl Island also has a Beach Bar designed like a fishing boat. This is also a place where visitors choose to relax, sit leisurely on the sofas to sip a cocktail, and watch the beautiful sunset.

Fusion Resort also provides interesting activities such as cycling to explore the rainforest, kayaking on the sea, playing tennis, volleyball.

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