Trang chủQUY NHƠNGet lost among 7 enchanting beaches in Quy Nhon

Get lost among 7 enchanting beaches in Quy Nhon

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Going to Quy Nhon means getting lost in the gorgeous beaches of Quy Nhon, which have untamed natural characteristics, honest rustic people, and romantic lyrical souls from art. This location possesses the magnificent and powerful aspect of a mountain, as well as the light and beautiful appearance of little waves. Not unexpectedly, this little city continues to draw hundreds of domestic and international travelers each year. Quy Nhon is a coastal city with ecstatically gorgeous beaches that promise to provide you with the greatest travel experiences.BAI KY COKy Co is a well-known and picturesque beach in Quy Nhon, and it is difficult to visit Quy Nhon without going to Ky Co. This beach, dubbed the miniature Ha Long Bay, is full of dangerous rock formations that emerge from the ocean. Ky Co is a tribute to nature’s unadulterated beauty when it hasn’t been touched by human hands. Ky Co beach glows in the sun like a pearl of Nhon Ly town, Quy Nhon city, with pure blue water that can be seen to the bottom and little waves racing to embrace the white sand.

BAI EO GIOEo Gio, which is about 30 minutes by boat from Ky Co beach, is surrounded by an arc of soft rocks, forming a strait to catch the wind and sun. Unlike Ky Co Beach, Eo Gio Beach features rough reefs beneath the sea, making it ideal for photography and sightseeing rather than swimming. You can view the entire beach from the arc of the cliff halfway up the cliff. Choose a late afternoon to visit Eo Gio, feel the wide breath, and watch your heart slow down and soften.

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BAI TRUNGHoang Hau Beach is another name for Bai Trung. Because it is reported that when Nam Phuong Queen went on a business trip with the king in the past, she picked this location as a resting place for herself. Bai Trung stands out among Quy Nhon’s beaches not just because of its name, but also because of its natural beauty. At the strait, there are hundreds of large round stones heaped on top of one another. Hoang Hau beach shines, aristocratic in the eyes of visitors like the legendary queen of the formerly talented sand station, together with the dusty white waves slamming on the coast, sliding on the rock surface.

BAI HON KHOHon Kho is one of 32 islands that make up the Quy Nhon archipelago. Every time it rains, the wind blows, and the island shrinks into white bubbles, the island shrinks even more. Hon Kho, on the other hand, is calm throughout the dry season, with the waves lapping at the coast. This location is quickly exploited for tourists due to the soothing water and gorgeous blue seabed. Diving to observe corals less than a meter below sea level is the most unique experience in Hon Kho. Lobsters, crabs, moon snails, rock snails, cone snails, cobia, grouper, and other specialties of the island’s fisherman may also be enjoyed.

BAI XEPIf you’re a fan of Le Cat Trong Ly’s lovely voice, you’ll know that Xep Beach is the final stop on her important Khu Kho tour. This beach brings you the closest to the fishing village’s salty and spontaneous life. Bai Xep extends out its arms to encompass poplar and coconut woods, like a beach with few reefs. Golden Stream is 1 km west of the seashore with an untamed environment, woods, mountains, streams, and romantic waterfalls. If you’re looking for a holiday that includes adventure and leisure in both the forest and the sea, Quy Nhon’s Xep beach is the place to go.

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BAI DAIThe Bai Dai eco-tourism region has two beaches, Bai Dai and Bai Xep. Because this area is thickly inhabited with fishing communities, residents have invested much in developing tourism along the shore. Di Vui suggests visiting Bai Dai with your loved ones if you want to add some excitement to your journey instead of enjoying the pristine areas. There is a famous resort that caters to your comfort from A to Z, with crystal blue sea, low water level, and clear sky.

Quy Nhon Beach – Crescent Moon BeachIt stretches 5 kilometers from the Tan coast to Ghenh Rang, directly in the heart of the city. From afar, Quy Nhon beach resembles a crescent moon due to natural accumulation, attracting a large number of vacationers. However, the tranquility, which is not as loud as other sites, may be what draws people to the beach. Because it is in the heart of the city, it is easy to find a mix of entertainment and dining options, and you can swim while eating fresh seafood.

Hopefully, the sun, wind, and sea of Quy Nhon will leave you with a lasting impression of pure nature and real love for the people of the coast.

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