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Get lost in the minimum woodland on the outskirts of Hanoi – Vietnam Botanical Park coordinates

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🌸Photography lovers, together with tourists from all over the world who have the opportunity to visit the capital, should not miss the coordinates of the lovely Vietnam Botanical Park with poetic flower gardens that make many people mesmerizing.🌸This tranquil stop in the capital, ideal for weekend activities with family and friends, is the Vietnam Landscape Botanical Park that owns a fresh, airy, and green space. This restful place promises to bring countless poetic backgrounds with a heavenly melody that will surely make every girl lose the concept of time.

✳ THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT VIETNAM’S PLANT PARK – PEACEFUL GREEN SPACE FOR DREAMING SOULSAddress: Alley 168 Phan Trong Tue, Huynh Cung, Thanh Tri, Hanoi🌸Located in Huynh Cung village, Tam Hiep commune, Thanh Tri district, Vietnam Landscape Botanical Park is only about 10km away from the city center. With an area covering up to 5 hectares, It is compared to a miniature forest with a massive place that now houses uncountable diverse, and plentiful ornamental plants and brilliant blooms that will undoubtedly entice nature-loving visitors.

🌸Visitors to this engaging tourist spot of Hanoi may immerse themselves in the bewitching natural area and see first-hand around 2000 types of flowers – Ornamental plants – aquatic plants, 270 varieties of roses, and a lotus lake so poetic that it has been cultivated and flourished.

🌸 Each coordinate in this famous Hanoi park will be subdivided into extremely interesting subdivisions, such as the location of the beautiful road lined with Rosa multiflora, the area of the large-scale bonsai garden, the romantic lotus lake area, and so on. Visitors can explore as well as photograph the spectacular space with a plethora of romantic and appealing backgrounds for authentic travel photos.


✳ IDEAL TIME TO VISIT VIETNAM’S PLANT PARK🌸Every season of the year, Vietnam Landscape Botanical Park has an utterly symphonic beauty, fresh and breezy green atmosphere. However, the best time to visit this place is in the summer, around June, when the weather is warm and the flowers in the park are in full bloom, allowing tourists to see the gorgeous gardens that are highly attractive and appealing.

✳ EXPERIENCE AMUSING ACTIVITIES AT VIETNAM PLANT PARK➡ WANDER BELOW THE ROAD OF BRILLIANT ROSA MULTIFLORA🌸The most conspicuous highlight in this park area in Hanoi is the 200m long flower path with 100 flowers that are 10-15 years of age, gloriously in full bloom with lovable pink colors. The scenario is reminiscent of a fairy tale film that flutters many hearts.

🌸 Rosa multiflora is a multi-stemmed, thorny, perennial shrub that has tiny-petal flowers forming heavy, dazzling bunches and a wonderful pink color. At this botanical park area in Hanoi, the roots are spaced apart in two straight rows to provide shade when it blossoms and arrange the canopy together to form a poetic green gate. Those who step on this one-of-a-kind route experience the charming natural beauty.

➡ CONTEMPLATE THE DREAMING NATURAL BEAUTY🌸 Because of its large area, Vietnam Bonsai Park is the coordinate that nurtures a wealth of green trees and poetic flowers. Thus, This location’s space has also been systematically partitioned to offer a variety of stunning vistas, alluring, intriguing nature suitable for walking and sightseeing.

🌸This favored tourist attraction in Hanoi, with its fresh and airy green area, aspires to provide a calm stopover for individuals who love nature and therefore are searching for a place to visit. An ideal weekend stops away from the hustle and bustle of the city with family and friends.

CÓ THỂ BẠN THÍCH  Địa điểm check-in đẹp lịm tim ở Đài Loan chỉ nhìn thôi đã thấy mê mẩn lắm rồi

🌸 The engrossing aspect of this Hanoi park is that it regularly organizes events or programs that provide plant-related knowledge such as cultivation techniques and instructions and suggestions on how to care for plants. Furthermore, the given curriculums also educate tourists on how to adorn their homes with indoor plants and flowers, how bonsai is cultivated, and conduct teaching programs in ecological painting, sculpting, and other activities for all ages, so that they may participate in new and delightful activities.

➡CHECK-IN WITH INCREDIBLE BACKGROUND🌸 Vietnam Bonsai Park is now known not only for being a relaxing place for nature enthusiasts, but also for attracting virtual-living aficionados who come to see the diverse sceneries and gorgeous photographs. The romantic and appealing flower walk with exquisite pink colors promises to give you an incarnation of an enchanting muse among the bright-colored garden. When it comes to this enticing mixture, everyone is eager to try it.

🌸 Furthermore, guests who have the opportunity to participate in the activities should not pass up the sole option to wander through the lyrical green space from the lotus lake region or the green garden to search for endless backgrounds. You may also enlist the assistance of unique objects such as bicycles and paintings to make your images more lyrical and creative.

🌸Vietnam Landscape Botanical Park is one of the most popular weekend tourist sites in Hanoi for those who enjoy poetry, fresh natural spaces while exploring the fascinating capital.

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