Trang chủWORLDGet lost in the 'snow-white dream' in Zhongguo Xuexiang Village

Get lost in the ‘snow-white dream’ in Zhongguo Xuexiang Village

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Zhong Guo Xue Xiang is like a fairyland in real life when it is covered in thick white snow for half a year.📌Where is Zhongguo Xuexiang Village in China?Zhongguo Xuexiang is one of the extremely attractive destinations in the winter of China. This small village is hidden right at the foot of Changbai Mountain, Heilongjiang. From Harbin city to the village is about 300km to the southeast.

Photo: yin.veaIt is known that this village is located at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, the climate is cool and cold all year round. Affected by the cold wind from Lake Baikal and the warm air of the Sea of Japan, this village has a snow season that lasts up to half a year.In winter, Zhongguo Xuexiang village has a layer of snow up to 2 meters thick. Therefore, even though it is located in a remote area, tourists from near and far all want to visit this beautiful fairyland once. If you have the opportunity to come here in winter, you can also visit the village to see what the “fairyland” in real life is like.

Photo: daiwanxin0426💒 Lost in the fairy village covered with white snowZhongguo Xuexiang Village is covered in snow about 7 months a year. Therefore, local people do not divide the season into spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Instead, they divide into rainy and snowy seasons. The weather in the village is almost cold with sub-zero temperatures all year round, never hot and muggy.

Photo: ruijinchongThis village has an area of ​​about 17 hectares. Though it is not large, the village is enough to bring memorable experiences to visitors. Coming here in the rainy season, you feel like you are lost in the middle of a wonderland. Everywhere in the village is a thick layer of white snow covering the whole space.The feeling of walking in the middle of the road leading to the village, surrounded by houses covered with fine and thick white snow is a wonderful thing that you will remember forever. In this small village with traditional beauty, people hang red pepper bunches, yellow corn bunches, or effigies in front of the house, making the space even more beautiful.

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Photo: jamevarinThis snowy village in China has always had low temperatures, often sub-zero. The extremely cold air combined with the white scene of thick snow layers, turns Zhongguo Xuexiang Village into an extremely hot check-in coordinate, even though this place was originally a wild village.In the past, Zhongguo Xuexiang village had harsh living conditions, so most of the households had to migrate to other places to live. However, when the village was discovered by international photographers, it gradually became more famous. In particular, Zhongguo Xuexiang is also the setting of the gameshow “Where Are We Going, Dad?”.

Photo: lynnndongSince then, this snow village has become a favorite destination in China. Visitors from all over the world always give beautiful compliments to Xuexiang village, for example, the place with the heaviest snowfall, the place with the clearest sunlight.Having the opportunity to visit this beautiful village, you will see how beautiful the snow here is. Yes, it’s really cold, but the snow in the village is very soft, when touching it feels like touching a layer of powder, not snow.

Photo: eunikehungStopping at Xuexiang Village, visitors can enjoy virtual living wherever they like. Snow-covered houses and white roads are all ideal locations for you to relax. In addition, the village also has a ski area with enough fun activities for you to experience.In particular, visitors should stay at Zhongguo Xuexiang village at night to see the shimmering beauty of this place. When night falls, the village is lit with shimmering lights, drawing a romantic and warm space. The bright pink light soothes the cold feeling of the white snow, making the scene more poetic and fanciful.

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Photo: alex.xiaodon✏ Experience of discovering Zhongguo Xuexiang VillageAccording to the experience of discovering China of many tourists, the most ideal time to check in Xuexiang Village is from December to March every year. This is the time of heavy snowfall with a thickness of 30-40 cm. The beautiful white snow layer will satisfy the needs of tourists.For a more complete journey to discover the snow village, you should combine visiting the whole city of Harbin. This place is known as the ice city because it has the coldest winter in China, the temperature can drop to minus 40 degrees. However, consider this if you are someone with poor cold tolerance.

Photo: c_xavier41In order to make the journey to Zhongguo Xuexiang Village convenient, visitors should prepare enough warm clothes such as thick coats, waterproof shoes, snow blankets, warm water bottles, knee warmers.

Photo:@li___siiIf you want to spend a lot of time here, you can choose from accommodation services in the area. The hotel costs from 1 to 3 million VND / night with enough facilities for visitors to rest assured. Of course, this price can be a bit high compared to many places. But if you can experience it at the fairy snow village, it’s still worth it.

Photo: wilsonraymettaZhongguo Xuexiang Village has become famous everywhere and an attractive destination in China. This place, with extremely cold winters and thick white snow covering the village, promises to bring visitors a beautiful scene like a fairy tale and many memorable experiences.〰

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