Trang chủWORLDGo astray at Hueree park- A flower paradise featuring a dreamlike beauty

Go astray at Hueree park- A flower paradise featuring a dreamlike beauty

Hueree Park in Jeju Island is a sheer paradise for nature lovers, especially flower ones. This place will unquestionably make visitors overwhelmed when they see it with their own eyes.

@mellowk_jejuThanks to the dreamlike natural scenery with many different flower-growing areas, Hueree Park or Hueree Nature Park is one of the most attractive destinations in Jeju Island, South Korea. This park will steal the heart of any visitor who comes here at first sight and make them feel like they’re getting lost in a divine paradise.


@ssumagain_officialThanks to its cool year-round climate, Hueree natural park is always suitable for cultivating and caring for various kinds of flowers such as hydrangea, cherry blossoms, white apricots, maple, or pine tree, growing with a very unique and fascinating large size. The most notable are prominent hydrangeas growing areas with myriads of vibrant colors such as pink, purple, and blue. They undoubtedly will make you overwhelmed.


@kaya.jjamIn addition to being a sightseeing spot, Hueree Park is also one of the most famous virtual living spots on Jeju Island. It always attracts dozens of tourists every day to visit this place for a shoot with super poetic and attractive flower-covered backgrounds. The flower beds here usually have a massive size. Therefore, it is easy for you to hunt for a delightful set of photos with the most brilliant corners.


@s2_sseung92Furthermore, when it comes to Jeju, it is necessary to mention tangerines. Jeju has long been famous for its citrus groves. You can experience picking and enjoying seasonal tangerines by yourself at Hueree garden from August to September. Jeju tangerines are renowned for their sweetness, refreshing fragrance, tempting yellow color, and succulent texture. Hueree promises to be a superb photography spot with four seasons and many different themes.

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@sep.14th_You should not miss the stunning Hueree natural park if you have the opportunity to come to Jeju Island and want to be immersed in the most romantic and charming nature here.



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