Trang chủAN GIANGGo astray in a fairyland at Coc Pagoda featuring magnificent religious architecture...

Go astray in a fairyland at Coc Pagoda featuring magnificent religious architecture in An Giang

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Coc Pagoda is one of the religious sites possessing impressive and unique architectural beauty in the Southwest region, attracting loads of fearless adventurers to visit during their attractive tours.Coming to the Southwest region, you will feel like you are coming to the fairyland or the land of a thousand and one nights. The reason is that this pagoda features many religious architectural works from many different faiths, and all bring magnificent beauty like stepping out of magical movies. In particular, Coc Pagoda is one such impressive destination. Currently, this place is a hot check-in spot loved and enthusiastically sought after by many young people.

Photo: @quocanhhuaAbout Coc Pagoda – A glorious religious work of Tinh Bien areaAn Giang is an incredible land when it is considered the religious museum of Vietnam with 9 religions coexisting and developing. Each religion has a long-standing history, reflected in many unique and impressive constructions, with Coc pagoda being one of the works with such a unique appearance that makes anyone feel overwhelmed when seeing it for the first time.

Photo: @_nmh97Coc Pagoda, also known as Kos Onh Deth Pagoda, is located in An Hao Commune, Tinh Bien District, An Giang Province. This pagoda is famous for its architectural beauty bearing the cultural imprint of the Khmer in the South but still influenced by Cambodia and India. This point is sharply shown through the image of skillful and elaborately sculpted spires, with characteristic brilliant golden tones. In addition, on the pillars or flashings are engraved, carved patterns with very meticulous, delicate, and beautiful motifs.

Photo: @quocanhhua

Photo: @dollinatranThe interior space of this pagoda in An Giang also brings an equally impressive beauty when using many contrasting colors like red, orange, or blue to reproduce the images and paintings on the pillars and walls, creating an attractive highlight and bringing an interestingly mysterious beauty to the delicate religious architecture of this place.

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The design lines in the Kos Ong Deth – Coc Pagoda all distinctly show sophistication, typically expressed through the nine-headed snake with the tall and spreading figure or the reliefs of the goddess Kýno who symbolizes peace and prosperity, to highlight typical images commonly found in ancient Khmer architecture.

Photo: @dollinatran

Photo: @chiithanhNotably, on the grounds of Coc Pagoda, there are many impressive items such as reliefs, elaborately sculpted models, and a golden gate with a unique appearance. Therefore, if visitors have the opportunity to participate in West Vietnam tours, don’t lose the chance to take a walk to admire and discover the oldest religious and cultural beauty in this historic-rich Southwest region and enjoy the tranquil and peaceful space on the edge of the bustling city.

Photo: @chiithanhCheck in Coc Pagoda – A mysterious and captivating fairy-tale stopCoc Pagoda is relatively less popular than famous religious buildings such as Masjid Jamiul Azhar, Lau pagoda, Ba Chua Xu Temple on Sam Mountain. However, thanks to its impressive and brilliant beauty, this place still has a certain number of visitors touring during their An Giang trips with the expectation of seeing firsthand the unique and magnificent architecture along with freely taking pictures with countless new and superb backgrounds featured by this ancient Khmer pagoda.

Photo: @ducaanh

Photo: @dollinatranCoc Pagoda has the appearance of ancient Khmer culture, evoking a harmonious but sophisticated beauty with sophisticated and elaborate design. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to visit this place, choose corners of meticulously decorated patterns and motifs with vibrant and eye-catching colors such as goddess reliefs, nine-headed snakes, or delicately carved Buddhist images to comfortably shoot for your An Giang travel photo album. It will undoubtedly be as sparkling and magnificent as often-seen images in the land of Golden Temple.

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Photo: @_nmh97

Photo: @quocanhhuaBesides shooting at Coc Kos Ong Deth Pagoda, Tinh Bien, An Giang is also notable for prominent tourist destinations such as Tra Su Melaleuca forest, Cam mountain, Kec mountain, Van Linh pagoda, Lau pagoda, Lam Vien, Lake Latina, beautiful palmyra palm trees. They are all attractive suggestions for you and your loved ones to experience and discover during this fascinating journey to the West.

Photo: @dollinatranNotes for a visit to Coc Pagoda-An GiangCurrently, Coc Pagoda is a religious building that is still operating normally, so when coming, visitors should note the following:- Dress modestly, politely, and not wear sexy clothes when entering the main hall.-Walk lightly, speak quietly, and do not make noise at the Buddha’s door to keep the dignified and pure atmosphere of the ancient pagoda.-You can freely take commemorative photos or check in in Coc Pagoda, but you should pay attention to the regulations or avoid visiting areas where photography is prohibited.

Photo: @quocanhhuaCoc Pagoda is known as the oldest religious work in Tinh Bien. Notably, this place is currently widely known and visited by tourists during their travels with the expectation of admiring firsthand the exquisite and magnificent architectural beauty and freely shooting with countless unique and attractive backgrounds.

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