Trang chủDestinationsGoing to Long An, you have to go on a "happy road"...

Going to Long An, you have to go on a “happy road” once

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Tan Tru town of Long An province is not only known as a typical locality in the socialization of rural transport criteria but also known for the beautiful countryside roads with beautiful flowers and trees. These are concrete roads in the countryside surrounded by rice fields, on the sidelines of moss roses and Pinto peanut; Especially, there are many routes planted two rows of green areca.

The winding Cau Vua (Cuban royal palm) street leads into a small village, captivating people
Whoever goes to Tan Tru town, Long An province is no stranger to Cau Vua street near the secondary school of town . Nearly 1 km long with more than 300 areca trees as big as the hug, this road to the village is the pride of the people here.

This new concrete road is 3 m wide and over 2 km long. From the date it was started to use, everyone passing is interested. The two sides of the road are rows of Cuban royal palm and the two sides are rice fields.

If we pass here before and after Tet (Vietnamese New Year), we will enjoy the fragrance of the ripe rice. And if you go on another occasion, you will witness firsthand the growing rice fields, smooth and green with leaves … Many people who go through this route are congratulated, said: “This is the most beautiful road in Long An province ”.

Mr. Hai Mot, a resident of Nhut Ninh commune, Tan Tru district (Long An), is a man possessing 6 field land plots located next to the happy road. “I go to many places in the province, but I have not seen any beautiful and cool rural road like this one. Every time I go to the field to take care of the rice and get a sun stroke, I go up and sit down next to Cuban royal palm for a time, I will be healthy back.

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Locals said, this road is also a dating point of the couple in the countryside are in love with each other. Especially the wedding preparation couples often come here to take photos of the important day of a person’s life …

The most beautiful moss rose road in Vietnam (in Long An)

Anyone who has the opportunity to go to Que My Thanh commune, Tan Tru district, Long An province is amazed at the beauty of the moss rose road planted by a romantic farmer.

The happy road in Que My Thanh. Happiness is not a moss rose road that blooms all year round. The happiest is the owner of this flower road. The two of uncle and aunt are over 70 years old, looking very kind. Although they met a stranger like me, two of them were very considerate and welcoming for me to sleep through the night, in a place I first arrived. Let’s contemplate this road with Westerners.

Although not doing tourism, but the beauty of each road, each house makes people feel lovely and the homeland is always beautiful in the eyes of visitors once visited

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