Trang chủDestinationsHÀ GIANGHa Giang - where you return to youth

Ha Giang – where you return to youth

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Returning to Ha Giang, suddenly I feel as if I relive the dreamy, enthusiastic moments of a naive youth with unfinished ambitions.”When the soul is young, we also feel good”Over time, we get older and live slowly, there are all kinds of things we still dream about. Dreaming of returning to the good old days when we set foot in faraway lands, dreaming of eating delicious food with close friends…The trips are never too late and the experiences too. Let’s spend a few days enjoying and experiencing your journey little by little.

Photo: somewhereinmylifejourneyIf you have ever set foot in Ha Giang, surely you won’t be able to forget the beauty of this place. Ha Giang has no sea, but the mountains and rivers in this land are almost nowhere as beautiful as it is.

Photo: vinamiu96_Ha Giang is home to many famous places such as Tu San alley, Nho Que river, Ma Pi Leng pass, Dong Van rock plateau, Lung Cu flagpole, Dong Van old town. This time I travel to Tu San alley, which is located on the fanciful Nho Que river.

Photo: k.h.i.nPossessing a masterpiece beauty of time, Tu San alley is majestic and proud among heaven and earth. Along with the Nho Que river winding around the mountain ranges, the terrain of Tu San canyon becomes unique and rare.

Photo: thailand__vietnamWhen you visit Tu San alley, don’t miss the feeling of sitting on a boat gliding gently on the Nho Que river, watching the extremely poetic scenery. Looking up at the high cliffs, I thought that the mountain could reach the clouds.

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Photo: vinamiu96_I have been to many places with many different rivers and mountains, but indeed Nho Que river has a mysterious beauty that is unmistakably gentle. Along the river, wherever the boat sails, you will feel the change of the natural scenery. There is fresh and cool green water stretching endlessly.

Photo: nai.nguyennClouds cover the majestic scenery from Tu San alley, forming a charming watercolor picture. Upon arrival here, you will feel as if you get lost in the fairyland that appeared in the fairy tales you heard a lot when you were a child.

Photo: Quynhnhanh.ptMemories slowly knock on the door, inviting us to give our best to our youth. The nostalgia eventually turns into broken pieces of fading years. If young is not showers, it’s also long trips? That’s a such beautiful youth!

Photo:yentrangnguyen_Traveling is to fill up the stumbles and keep the perfect memories of the most beautiful age of human life. That day, you, I, and the brilliant youth walked together through many roads, got lost in many distant cities… In the future, we will sit together again, telling each other our memories about strange lands. We’ll see that we no longer owe our youth a long trip, right?

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