Trang chủFOOD AND DRINKHien Cafe only sells peace and buys all worries

Hien Cafe only sells peace and buys all worries

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Hien Cafe is like a low note amid a bustling and noisy Hanoi. The whole sky is peaceful under the yellow light, many memories are deposited in beautiful melodies.

@sweetttie16Quietly located in Huynh Thuc Khang alley, Hien Cafe brings guests the opportunity to slow down and think about life.Hien Cafe – a small corner of the pastHien Cafe is a harmonious combination of closed and open space, brick and wood, trees and people, old and new things. Hien Cafe is decorated with beautiful, simple tables and chairs. Old wooden windows are also freshly painted and reclined as tables. The whole order counter area is designed and hand-built. Stepping into the shop, customers will be impressed with the ancient and romantic design style.


@sweetttie16The spacious space comprises 2 storeys, with both indoor and outdoor spaces. You can sit down on the floor with many soft cushioned chairs, it’s so quiet that you can study and work comfortably here. More impressive still is the delicately simple interior with portraits of great Vietnamese musicians, a silent black piano in the corner of the room, a colorful and impressive bamboo wall.Every little detail at Hien Cafe is meticulously cared for, you will be mesmerized by the rustic space with its own personality. Each set of tables and chairs, sofas, guitars, bookshelves, flower pots, vases, etc., are “calculated” and arranged in the most eye-catching way. In Hien Cafe, there are divine virtual-living corners everywhere for young people.

@thi.duogThe second storey of the shop is equally vintage: old-style sofas, old-style cushions, bookcases with color fading over time. One autumn afternoon, sipping a cup of coffee in an old space, feeling the autumnal cold breeze, looking at the old apartment buildings in Hanoi flooded with the afternoon sun, we feel so relieved.Suddenly remembering the old days, people used to sit together, drink coffee, and share stories together. Also, there are a few cups of “tra da” or coffee with a plate of sunflower seeds or popcorn. Such a great day! Without waiting any longer, go to Hien Cafe straightaway!

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@sweetttie16Pay Hien Cafe a visit to drink tea, talk about old storiesRelaxation and tranquility are what people feel when entering Hien Cafe. You will seem to be separated from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi. Hien Cafe is loved by young people and chosen by grandparents to have a deep conversation. Hien Cafe is highly suitable for those who like to be quiet, find a space to relax as well as study and work.The menu includes tea, coffee, soda, juice… like other cafes. Drink prices here are reasonable, quality is moderate. In particular, customers love the warm and attentive attitude of the staff here. Hien Cafe always plays melodious music that captivates people’s hearts. Hien Cafe sells peace and buys all worries. Tomorrow is sunny, let’s go to Hien Cafe!

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