Trang chủQUẢNG NAMHỘI ANHoi An Ancient Town - Asia’s most beautiful ancient city

Hoi An Ancient Town – Asia’s most beautiful ancient city

Hoi An Ancient Town is a famous city in Quang Nam province. This ancient town remains almost intact with more than 1000 architectural monuments from streets, houses, assembly halls, communal houses, pagodas, shrines, churches, ancient wells to the traditional dishes, the soul of the people here. A visit to Hoi An will captivate visitors with the timeless, extremely rustic, and idyllic beauty.

Photo: Bui Huy Khang“I want to tell about Lai Vien Kieu in Hoi An townWaiting for people to visit, with shadows on the river in the afternoonThe curved wooden roof of the bridge is painted and carvedOver hundreds of years, the tile has been covered with green moss.”Traveling to Hoi An, visitors should choose the time of February – April every year when Hoi An extremely pleases tourists. There is little rain, no hot sun like in summer, pleasant climate, open space. At this time, tourists can comfortably visit the beautiful scenes in Hoi An or discover new activities and places to fully feel the beauty of this place.


@monsimiHoi An is renowned for its traditional and harmonious architectural beauty of houses, walls, and streets. Through many ups and downs of history, Hoi An ancient town still retains the ancient and contemplative beauty tingled with moss in each tile roof, brick, tree line in the same way as the simple character in personality and pure, sincere soul of the local people.


@chopsticksonthelooseThe most popular house style here is the one or two-story tubular house with a narrow width and a very long depth. The house is made from materials with high endurance and durability due to the harsh climate here. The two sides have separate brick walls and wooden frames, divided into three compartments with a path in the middle. Each house in Hoi An ensures harmony between living space and nature. Each house has a courtyard paved with stone and decorated with a water tank, a rockery, and ornamental plants, creating an overall beauty.

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Photo: Pham Thi My HaoWith unique architecture, each house in Hoi An ensures harmony between living space and nature. Therefore, in addition to organizing the house into many compartments, the courtyard area cof the house is paved with stones and decorated with water tanks, rockeries, ornamental plants, creating an airy and light-filled space. These things bring a comfortable life with freedom for locals and enjoyment for tourists during their Hoi An travel trip.

Photo: Bui Huy Khang

@nhhimsoc13A feature of the architecture in Hoi An Ancient Town is the streets built in the shape of a checkerboard, winding along the riverside and embracing houses. In each of those peaceful little corners, visitors can easily encounter street vendors with many famous dishes such as Cao Lau, Quang noodles, bread, chicken rice, or shops selling art handicrafts. Everything seems to reflect the simple, slow, and gentle life of the people here. Walking through each of those small and peaceful streets, visitors can not only enjoy delicious food but also see a part of Hoi An people’s daily life, a peaceful and simple life.


@chopsticksontheloosePossessing beautiful scenery, unique architecture, and outstanding cultural values, Hoi An is always an attractive destination loved by tourists and recognized by many prestigious magazines and organizations. For example, the US’s news website CNN once praised Hoi An as one of the most beautiful ancient cities in Southeast Asia; the world’s leading famous travel magazine Travel + Leisure of the US voted Hoi An as the world’s best destination of 2019. On July 16, 2019, Hoi An became the primary focus when the beautiful image of Chua Cau (Japanese Bridge), the symbol of more than four centuries of Hoi An town, was honored by Google on the homepage with drawings by artist Shanti Rittgers on Google Doodle.The award “Asia’s Leading Cultural City Destination” is an affirmation and honor of the unique cultural values ​​of Hoi An Ancient Town (World Cultural Heritage), and contributes to promoting the tourism of Hoi An in particular, Vietnam in general to multitudes of international visitors.

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Photo: Son Doan

@wanderchuThe complex of Hoi An architectural monuments is very rich and beautiful, so this place has been and always will attract domestic and foreign tourists to visit, explore and fully enjoy their vacation when booking the hotel right in the old town of Hoi An. Traveling to Hoi An, visitors will realize that time seems to have stopped in each of the yin and yang tiled roofs covered with moss, the old moldy gray walls from time immemorial and to this day.


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