Trang chủFOOD AND DRINKHow much is a Ticket to Childhood at Chin Chan cafe?

How much is a Ticket to Childhood at Chin Chan cafe?

The last days of the year are full of chaos, there will be times when you suddenly need to Go back to your childhood. Chin Chan cafe is here to help you to get your wish.

@huongchanel88Although it has been open for almost a year, Chin Chan still maintains a certain quietness, making this place even more “separate” from the city, which promises to bring you good childhood days’ fairy feelings.The space at Chin Chan will take you back to old memories through lovely images from famous Japanese cartoons. Surely in a small corner here, you will see your favorite character once


@huongchanel88The space at the shop is filled with lovely images from familiar Japanese movies. If you are a “hard fan” of Ghibli, it is impossible not to know “neighborhood friend” Totoro. There is a corner here for you to enjoy taking pictures with your favorite character during your childhood.In addition, the shop also has countless corners for you to freely take virtual-living pictures with the image of a naughty, lovely little Maruko, a grocery store model made of paper, or pretty fancy objects.

@birdrincoffeeThe evening here is lit up with twinkling lights. Along with enough lights, space here is still great conditions for impeccable photos! In particular, at about 8 pm, the shop will have a live acoustic performance. There is nothing better than sitting in a dreamy space, sipping hot tea in the cold weather, and listening to gentle love songs.Hanoi has no shortage of majestic cafes or trendy Korean aesthetics. However, those who like something a little messy, a little old and innocent will surely like Chin Chan from the first time they visit the shop.

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@tieuuienAsking how much a Ticket to Childhood in Chin Chan costs is not difficult to answer. The “price” can be a cup of hot brown coffee or a cup of fragrant tea and hours of gentle passing in the corner of this seemingly neglected little shop.Address: 5 alley, 81 lane, 310 Nghi Tam street, HanoiOpening hours: 08:00 – 23:00Price: VND 20,000 – 30,000




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