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Invite your best friends to check in Ba Vi wild sunflowers – A sky of brilliant yellow flowers

If you are a Dalat lover, you will certainly not be surprised by the ravishing wild sunflower season. However, if you are in Hanoi, you do not need to travel to faraway Dalat. Less than 45km from the capital, the mountainside of Ba Vi National Park is also home to wild sunflowers blooming in brilliant yellow. Let’s discover Ba Vi wild sunflower season now!

Photo: Pham Lan Huong1. November – the month when Ba Vi’s wild sunflowers are in full bloomIn recent years, the wild sunflower season in Ba Vi has attracted a lot of attention from young people. This is a symbolic flower for the Ba Vi mountain region, signaling the coming of winter. The rustic beauty of this flower has drawn many young people to visit and save themselves beautiful moments.

Photo: @yenttranFrom late October to early November, people have started sharing pictures of blooming wild sunflowers near Hanoi on forums and social networking sites. That is wild sunflower viewing location in Ba Vi, a familiar coordinate that everyone knows.

Photo: Ho Thien Nga

Photo: Pham Lan HuongIn the early days of November, images of crowds of people from all over the world flocking to witness the gorgeous and vivid wild sunflowers in Ba Vi have been widely shared. It is because this flower only blooms brilliantly for 2 weeks and then fades. You’ll have to be quick if you want to save the moment.

@chippham.ig__The wild sunflowers are large with many petals. Each flower has around 13 petals and spreads to about 8 to 10 cm in diameter. The petals are bright yellow and the pistils are round, full of vitality and displaying a never-say-die pride. Thus, the wild sunflower represents faithful and lasting love. Having a photo of you and your beloved one with this flower is truly a wonderful thing.

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@phuongbui21_2. Move to the location to see wild sunflowers

Photo: Pham Lan Huong

Photo: Pham Lan HuongFor youngsters, if they want to head to wild sunflower viewing locations in Ba Vi, they can travel by private car, motorbike or bus. However, to feel the most clearly the ambiance as well as the beautiful scenery of flowers, motorbike trips will be the best option with a lot of memories. If you choose to travel by motorbike, you should bring your vehicle documents, fill up the fuel tank, and install a mirror so that you do not encounter any problems during the trip.

@10.15_02Departing from Hanoi in the direction of Lang Hoa Lac highway, Thang Long Boulevard, you only need to drive for nearly 1 hour. Not only that, but you can see mountain slopes covered with colorful flower beds along the way. The best departure time is early morning. Because wild sunflowers are most beautiful when the first rays of sunlight have just dawned and there is still morning dew on the petals.

Photo: Pham Lan Huong

Photo: Pham Lan HuongIf you are a student, you should bring your student ID to get a discount on the entrance fee. The ticket price for adults is VND 60,000 and for students is VND 20,000. There are scattered flowering wild sunflowers about 4 kilometers upwards from the Ba Vi National Park gate. Continue climbing for about 3 to 4 kilometers until you reach column 700 where you will see a sign directing you to a field of wild sunflowers. This is the place where wild sunflowers bloom, attracting a lot of tourists to have fun and take pictures.

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@koanh1403. What should we prepare for the trip to Ba Vi to hunt wild sunflowers?For a fun schedule of visiting and viewing flowers, you should wear neat, comfortable clothes, hiking shoes, masks, eyeglasses and light jackets. Such an outfit will not only make you comfortable but also protect you on your trip because the road to Ba Vi is quite chilly and dusty.

Photo: Pham Lan Huong

Photo: Pham Lan Huong

Photo: Pham Lan Huong


Photo: Ho Thien NgaIt is also vital to bring along useful items like medicated oil and insect repellent. You can prepare your favorite dishes at home if you go during the day. Another season of wild sunflowers in Ba Vi has come, so what are you waiting for without packing your bag and having a great trip!Cre: Halo travel#$gnal$#


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