Trang chủWORLDIt’s rumored that Morotai Island is about to surpass Bali. How charming...

It’s rumored that Morotai Island is about to surpass Bali. How charming is its beauty?

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Where is Morotai Island?When it comes to Indonesian tourism, Bali paradise springs in most tourists’ minds. However, do you know that Morotai Island is also a super attractive destination? This island lies to the north of the Maluku Islands.

During World War II, this beautiful island served as a critical military base. In recent years, Morotai has been put into tourism operations. Therefore, tourists instantly know this beautiful island. Although there is not much information about the island, the hot images of Morotai are enough for visitors to have a reason to come here.

As an island predicted to surpass Bali, Morotai Island is undoubtedly the destination that many tourists want to conquer. However, the itinerary to reach here is not easy at all.

You will have to go through many flight routes if your departure point is in Vietnam. From Hanoi, you will transit in Singapore or Malaysia. Then you continue to fly to Jakarta, Indonesia. From here, you book tickets to fly to Morotai. This journey is undoubtedly hard for tourists. However, if you overcome all difficulties, you will enjoy the classy beauty of the superb island called Morotai.Fascinated by the beauty of the paradise island of MorotaiThere must be a reason that Morotai Island has become a tourist paradise splashing all over social networks. If there’s one adjective to describe this island, beautiful or charming alone won’t be enough. Only when you come here, then set your foot on the fine white sand, and touch the crystal clear water, can you feel the beauty of Morotai to the fullest.

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Because the island has just been put into tourism operation a few years ago, it is not too crowded. Therefore, pristine, pure, and attractive beauty is everywhere. The winding and flat sandy shore on the island stretches to the horizon. In the distance, the clear blue water under the golden sunlight sometimes rushes to the shore. All create an out-out-the-world landscape on earth.

Along the white sandy beach is a tropical forest with cool green foliage. Somewhere are rows of coconut trees leaning over to reflect themselves, lying dormant in the bright sunlight. Coming here in the low-season, you feel like you’re embracing the beauty of Morotai Island. It is a natural, fresh, and super attractive beauty.

One of the most distinctive features of Morotai is the jutting circular white sand dune, surrounded by clear blue seawater. Looking down from above, you will feel the magnificent and enchanting beauty of this island.Top-notch experience on Morotai islandWhen discovering this beautiful island in Indonesia, there are heaps of fascinating experiences that make your trip more memorable than ever. Around Morotai are there many stunning small islands for you to visit. Buy a tour to walk around islands like Kokoya, Pasir Timbul and Dodola.

The island tour cost usually only ranges around USD 100/boat, for 15-20 people. Therefore, you will not spend too much money on the trip. Most visitors to Morotai join this tour to see the small islands like a piece of land rising amid the blue ocean.

Notably, when setting foot on Kokoya island, you can also enjoy bathing in the clear and charming blue water. Moreover, Kokoya also owns a gorgeous wooden bridge. Here, fish swim in schools with high waves, creating a super glamorous scene.

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If you are crazy about photography, you will not be able to miss the picturesque road across the sea on the island of Dodola. Its beauty often makes tourists think of Nha Trang. However, according to the experience of tourists who have come here, Dodola is more stunning because the color of the sea is too blue and clear with few tourists.

In addition to exploring the three islands mentioned above, you can also spend time experiencing a variety of other fascinating activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling when traveling to this island. If you are a professional diver with a scuba certification, try scuba diving with sharks when coming to Morotai.Besides many exciting activities mentioned above, Morotai island also has Rao beach – where there are many Batu KoPi rocks. In the local language, KoPi means coffee. Residents said Rao beach gave off the smell of coffee. But only good people can smell that unique fragrance. Therefore, try to check whether you are a good person when coming to this Rao beach.

Nowadays, Morotai Island has gradually developed in terms of tourism. However, there are still not many utility services. There are only two resorts and affordable guesthouses on the island. You will also not be able to use wifi while staying here. Therefore, if you want to enjoy the beauty of Morotai, you should be mentally prepared to have a complete trip.

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