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Lebadang Memory Space: The Presence of a Dream

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Located in the mountain village of Kim Son, Hue, Le Ba Dang memory space was erected as a pride in the career of a talented painter. It can be said that this is an art space with the most beautiful architecture in Vietnam.

@misoaIn the middle of a space of mountains and forests, a massive architectural work emerges with three main colors: black, gray, and white. With a nostalgic land like Hue, this is a new, innovative space with the power that beckons people’s imaginations.The first impressions we get when we walk into Le Ba Dang Memory Space are minimalism, modernity, usefulness, and environmental friendliness. As a result of four years of construction, the 15,000 square meter space is designed with many different art areas, delicately calculated and harmoniously combined into a beautiful whole. It is a harmonious whole from inside to outside. The interior is a space that reasonably displays works from various periods of creation. The outside is a place where architecture and the natural environment coexist in harmony.


@oysterandsnailLebadang Memory Space: The Presence of a DreamThis work of art is the existence of Le Ba Dang’s dream when he was alive. “During his life, he dreamed of a space where he could freely create and display his works in true dimensions.” This work is a delicate blend of modern architecture and Le Ba Dang art. From above, the structure resembles a larger version of one of his paper cuts. Architect Ho Viet Vinh and designers followed the prototype when building this place. The structure was constructed at a height of 10 meters above the ground. This is a subtle, spectacular balance of reason and emotion, science and art.


@misoaIn particular, from this space, a portrait of Le Ba Dang is depicted in detail, so viewers have grounds to go into the depth of the works he has created. From the arrangement of works through each period of creation, each stage is associated with the ups and downs of history, each material that the artist has practiced, each layer of different artistic languages ​​that the artist had experienced. Thence, viewers can recognize Le Ba Dang in the most complete way and understand why he has become a famous artist around the world.Le Ba Dang: a gifted artist with humanitarian thoughtLe Ba Dang (27/06/1921 – 07/03/2015) was born in Bich La Dong village, Trieu Dong commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province. In 1939, he went to France as part of the workers’ movement, then studied at the Toulouse Academy of Arts. His first exhibition in Paris took place in 1950.

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@mykaht_In 1989, he received the award “Artist with great talent and humanitarian thought” from the Saint-Louis International Institute of the United States. In 1992, he was included in the list of famous people in the world by the Center for International Biography of the University of Cambridge, UK. In 1994, he was awarded the Order of Arts and Culture by the Government of France. He is also regarded as a master of both the East and the West by the art world.From this memory space, people can see that no matter what stage of creation, no matter what type of material or visual field, Le Ba Dang always looks towards the East. That place is the source of his art and also the place where he can exploit what is different from Western art.

Photo: Le Phuong TungGet lost in the world of the most unique art in the CentralLebadang Memory Space was officially opened on April 21, 2019 with the participation of people in Vietnamese and international cultural and artistic activities.This art museum owns a large space, with 6 functional areas. In particular, the main area is a place to honor painter Le Ba Dang, displaying works of art, such as paintings, graphics, and sculpture. These works are made from a variety of materials and different shaping methods that the late painter Le Le Ba Dang used during his lifetime.

@nokia_boyComing to Lebadang Memory Space, you will admire the Garden of Eden right on its roof. This is a place where works of art are specially arranged to be seen from above. Here, you will enjoy a whole picture that combines the beauty of nature with the intentional arrangement of human hands.The highlight of this art museum is a tunnel with a length of up to 50 meters, leading to the hillside. This section is dedicated to the exhibition of light art by painter Le Ba Dang. Above the tunnel is a venue for performances and also an area for rest, food and souvenirs for visitors.

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@vxcthuMany works by the late painter Le Ba Dang are currently on display at this art museum. Among them, the main category of works includes oil paintings, prints, paintings, space, sculptures, papercut works, etc. Each group of works has a beauty, a unique charm that is very “artistic”. These masterpieces will make you “astonished” when you directly visit here.

@misoaIn any season of the year, you can visit and explore this poetic and lyrical city. Regarding the ancient capital, in addition to notable check-in places, you should take time to visit Lebadang Memory Space to enjoy masterpieces of the late painter Le Ba Dang and snap some souvenir photos in this place.

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