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List of cafes in Danang with delightful Christmas decoration in every millimeter

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Christmas is a holiday of the year when everyone gathers to celebrate with friends and family. If you don’t like crowded places like churches or shopping centers, let Luhanhvietnam introduceyou to cafes in Danang that have super pretty Christmas decorations!1. Sweet Strawberry Café ‘N’ Souvenir – a cafe in Danang with super sparkling Christmas decorationAddress: 92 Duong Dinh NgheSweet Strawberry Café ‘N’ Souvenir is truly a Christmas decoration cafe in Danang for sweet girls. Just hearing the name, many people can feel its beauty and loveliness. The shop has a dark decoration style but it is impressed by the delicate and comfortable beauty with two main tones of brown and white.

Photo: thyehye96In the days leading up to Christmas, Sweet Strawberry Café ‘N’ Souvenir has many corners decorated in Xmas style with sparkling pine trees, gift boxes, and bells.

Photo: baohan.972. Simor Coffee – a favorite Christmas decoration cafe in DanangAddress: 64 Thai Phien, Hai Chau, DanangMany people may feel strange when the first time they hear the name of the shop. However, this is a popular hangout for young people.

Photo: Simor CoffeeIn the Christmas season, why don’t you come here with your friends to look forward to a lot of interesting things and save memorable moments in December? In addition to delicious drinks and attractive pastries, Simor Coffee also creates a stunning Christmas space for visitors to check in and chat with friends.

Photo: Simor Coffee3. Cherish coffee & desserts – A can’t-miss cafe in Danang with Christmas decorationAddress: 238 Kinh Duong Vuong, Lien Chieu, DanangCherish Cafe is one of the interesting Christmas decoration cafes in Da Nang that you should not miss. The cozy and quiet ambience here will make you feel like you’re in the midst of a wonderful Christmas season.

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Photo: Cherish coffee & dessertsIf you have the opportunity to come here, don’t hesitate to find yourself virtual-living corners to produce thousand-like photos at Cherish coffee & desserts!

Photo: lhl.30104. The Nap Cafe – a cafe with lovely Christmas decoration in DanangAddress: 19 An Trung Dong 4, Son Tra, DanangThe Nap Coffee is currently a famous check-in place for youngsters in Danang. The main tone is white, which is combined with light wood materials to create a color harmony, resulting in a very sweet and romantic space comparable to coffee shops in Korea.

Photo: The Nap CafeIf this Christmas you want to find a splendid and cozy space to enjoy coffee, don’t ignore The Nap Coffee!5. This Christmas, don’t forget to stop by Saigon Brown Coffee for virtual livingAddress: Lot 02 Tan Trao, Lien Chieu, DanangReferring to the Christmas decoration cafes in Danang, it is impossible to overlook Saigon Brown Coffee.

Photo: Saigon Brown CoffeeOn Christmas, in addition to having beautiful Xmas photos taken at Saigon Brown Coffee, you also have the opportunity to be enthusiastically served by Santa Claus. Visitors will make a plan to visit the cafe right away after seeing the gorgeous virtual-living corners here.

Photo: Saigon Brown Coffee6. Tasty U Too – a cafe with attractive Christmas decoration in DanangAddress: 57 Bui Thi Xuan, Son Tra, DanangAnother Christmas decoration cafe in Danang that Luhanhvietnam wants to share with you is Tasty U Too. With the warm wood color and cute decorative items, Tasty U Too is definitely an ideal address for you to save sweet moments in this Christmas season.

Photo: Tasty U Too

Photo: Tasty U Too7. Tron Cafe – a lovely Christmas decoration cafe in DanangAddress: 303 Đ. March 29, Hoa Xuan, Danang.Tron Cafe is exclusively for girls who “love the pink color”. The colors orange, pink, and blue are perfectly combined, making the entire shop beautiful and sweet. The joyful atmosphere is amplified by the way the shop is decorated for Christmas. A plethora of cute, eye-catching Xmas items have been decorated to create super pretty virtual-living corners.

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Photo: tiemcafetron

Photo: tiemcafetron8. Grand T Coffe – a virtual-living address in Danang on ChristmasAddress: 287 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Danang.Grand T Coffe is a cafe with a spacious space, suitable for gathering friends and family. The restaurant consists of 2 floors with plenty of room for tables and chairs. There is also a small courtyard. In the house, there is a “super big” pine tree. As soon as you enter the shop, you can feel the Christmas atmosphere everywhere.

Photo: Grand T Coffee9. Yusu Coffee & Juice – a must-visit cafe during the Christmas season in DanangAddress: 480 Trung Nu Vuong, Hai Chau, DanangIf you are wondering which Christmas decoration cafe in Danang to visit, Yusu Coffee & Juice is a perfect choice. Here, you can check in freely and have a comfortable space to chat with friends. In the days leading up to Christmas, the shop is decorated very warmly and shimmeringly, waiting for you to come and snap photos.Yusu Coffee & Juice is located on the central road, so getting there is very easy.

Photo: Yusu Coffee & JuiceChristmas atmosphere is currently appearing around the streets in Danang. If you do not have a schedule to go anywhere on this day, you can visit these beautifully-decorated cafes in Da Nang. Wish you a warm and peaceful Christmas.

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