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Love season on the top of P’apiu Resort in Ha Giang – There is Vietnam’s longest brocade road

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P’apiu Resort in Ha Giang is known as an extremely private, mysterious, and luxurious resort, well suited for couples and those who love romance. Inspired by love and built from love, P’apiu Resort in Ha Giang becomes romantic and unique in every detail.

Photo: lehatruc📍 Where is P’apiu Resort?Nestled in the high mountains of Bac Me district, P’apiu resort is the first luxury resort of Ha Giang province, not far from Ha Giang city. The majestic natural landscape creates a private space and total silence. This is considered an ideal location, the “capital” of tourists who want to find a sense of relaxation, peace, and unique experiences in Ha Giang.

Photo: yentrangnguyen_P’apiu Resort was formed during 7 years and was built entirely by human power. Inspired by love and built with love, this place becomes romantic and unique in every detail. The resort is exclusively for couples, so the special thing about P’apiu: “Resort products are states of love”. In other words, P’apiu is the place to honor love.

Photo: lehatruc📍 What is special about P’apiu Resort?P’apiu resort designed and arranged blocks in different styles, giving visitors new experiences with open space. P’aPiu resort also owns a very special space, unique only in Vietnam such as 3600 people painted Vietnam’s longest brocade street recognized by the Vietnam Record Association.

Photo: 87kirstynThis is the largest underground resort with 600 cabinets storing love memorabilia of various sizes. The source of clean and pure water is obtained from groundwater sources, erupting from the ground. There is a system of telescopes to view the night sky and an outdoor jacuzzi system.

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Photo: canary212It is simply “love”. P’apiu resort in Ha Giang aims for couples, with private and romantic vacations. The entire resort has only 3 apartments designed and built in a private and separate style. With the open space of P’apiu resort as a blend of nature and people, every experience at P’apiu leaves behind sweet emotions.

Photo: huongtho0312📍 Villas in P’apiu resortThe Fluffy – A wooden house on the top of a mountain with an open space that touches nature. Here you can listen to the sound and feel the pure scent of the mountains and forests, fully see the floating mountains and clouds, the Mong village in the distance with afternoon kitchen smoke. It meets fastidious travelers’ demanding requirements.

Photo: lehatrucLayla Qays – This is a place to express the emotions of those who are deeply in a love with unexpected, seductive, cozy, and passionate emotions. Inspired by the love story of Layla and the Arab Qays, Layla Qays is the only place to keep “Memories in the ground” for couples.Layla Qays comprises an area of 350m2 with a bedroom, a bathroom, a movie room, a wine cellar. Visitors will experience, watch movies, sleep in the ground in a very unique and warm way.

Photo: ehatrucThe Mellow – The traditional house of the Mong people, Ha Giang has an area of 500m2. The house was made entirely of soil, which had no binders and had been hand-pounded for months.From The Mellow, you can look to Dao village halfway up the mountain, the terraced fields of Tay village at the foot of the mountain, and Phia Dau waterfall – the longest and most beautiful waterfall in Ha Giang. The Mellow has a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, and a sauna underground.

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Photo: 87kirstynuIn addition to the individual utility services of each apartment, guests staying at P’apiu resort can experience the following services: outdoor jacuzzi, breakfast, afternoon tea, foot massage, zipline, telescopes/binoculars, indoor recreational sports, outdoor movies, on-demand music, gardening, a visit to house blocks, a walk in the forest.

Every corner of P’apiu Resort in Ha Giang is beautiful. In particular, Yolo Mount is the highest point of P’apiu, which contains the most values of enjoyment. Moreover, there is the message “you only live once”, the experience of “sleeping under the moon and stars” for the couple, and also a very romantic place to propose.P’apiu resort will be the place to bring interesting experiences to make your journey of discovery to the Northwest mountains more fully. You’ve been so busy and so hard, why not treat yourself and your loved one with really “chill” days in the fairy scene at P’apiu when you have the opportunity?

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