Trang chủKHÁNH HÒANHA TRANGMarvel at the beauty of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Nha...

Marvel at the beauty of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay in Nha Trang

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Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is considered one of the most beautiful and expensive resorts in Vietnam today. In this post, we will travel to Nha Trang and explore this luxury resort to see whether what you get is worth the money you spend.

@nanadalalaWhere is Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Resort?Located about 55 km from Nha Trang city center, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is an international 5-star resort. If Ninh Van Bay is considered one of the world’s most beautiful bays, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is the heart, located in the best location in the bay.Six Senses Ninh Van Bay lies in a completely separate location from the mainland. The scenery here makes any visitor surprised upon setting foot here. You will enjoy perfectly private space, immerse yourself in the wild, rustic space, and take joy in the super high-class 5-star resort services that are not available anywhere else.


@nanadalalaDiscover the ultimate beauty of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resortThis resort has been invested and built by Six Senses Group, one of the leading corporations in the world today in resort real estate. The building process of the resort also takes a lot of time and money because the architects always have to carefully calculate how to keep the most pristine and natural beauty of the landscape here.Six Senses Ninh Van Bay resort stretches along the 2 km long coastline. The resort features sophisticated architecture, harmoniously combining the Western modern with the traditional beauty of Vietnam. Most of the building materials are wood, rattan, and bamboo, giving visitors a feeling of being close, warm, and luxurious.

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@chuphuonglinnThe entire resort has a total of 59 villas, with a direct sea view, separate space, and a luxurious and sophisticated interior. Each villa has an outdoor swimming pool, stone stairs leading down to the sea, and a lovely courtyard where guests can leisurely sit and sunbathe.In addition, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay has a system of restaurants, Spa & Massage, GYM area, children’s play area, and much more. Guests can also experience exciting activities such as kayaking, scuba diving to see the coral reefs.


@nanadalalaSix Senses Ninh Van Bay has received many prestigious awardsSix Senses Ninh Van Bay is one of the very few resorts in Vietnam honored to receive many prestigious awards worldwide in the field of tourism such as Elite Traveler (Top 101 best apartments and villas in the world), top 5 pure resorts, World Travel Awards (Vietnam’s leading resort) or the most glamorous resort on the planet.


@krissy.leHow to get to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay?Due to being isolated from the mainland, there is no road leading to the resort. To move to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, guests need to book a room in advance and use the resort’s shuttle service.There will be resort staff waiting and picking you up upon you arrive at the airport. It takes about 50 to 60 minutes to travel from the airport to the pier of Six Senses. Then you have to continue taking the speedboat to the resort, which takes about another 20 minutes.


@chuphuonglinnWhat time of year should you go to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay?To experience the relaxation services, you can come here at any time of the year. However, according to the experience of traveling to Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, you should visit here in the period from June to September. It is the time of late summer, early autumn, the weather is dry, cool, without much rain. It is also not very hot, so it is very suitable for relaxation and swimming.

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@_hatmitmit_Despite the relatively high price, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay always attracts heaps of domestic and international tourists. This place genuinely deserves to be a relaxation paradise you should explore once in your life.


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