Trang chủWORLDMesmerized by the heavenly beauty of Santorini

Mesmerized by the heavenly beauty of Santorini

With charming scenery, Santorini has become Greece’s most popular destination and is also one of the favorite places for couples.

@travelife000Belonging to the Cyclades island cluster located in the Aegean Sea, 200km southeast of Greece, Santorini is a preferred place for many tourists when they come to the mythical land.

@momentsofgregoryThe island was formed by the eruption of lava from a volcano under the sea.


@tonesofgreeceBecause it is a land with a high level of solar radiation plus strong winds blowing from the sea, the architects have devised a way to build a house with a unique “cave house” shape.


@urlaubsguruCovering Santorini is white and blue paints that harmonize with the sea. According to the architect, white paint has a great effect in reducing the heat from the sun.

@jolie_janineEasily seen throughout Santorini is the dome-shaped architecture with lovely small doorways.

@hayzell__This unique architecture will captivate the heart of people even more when dotted with colorful bougainvillea flowers. addition to visiting the ancient village of Oia, tourists also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the cool waters of Perissa beach. They can feel the warmth of the face when burying their feet in the tiny black sand grains.

@getaway.dreamsEnjoying a romantic seaside lunch is also an indispensable activity in the itinerary of visiting Santorini.

@katelyn.mayakSantorini not only possesses a romantic setting but the island is also known as the most beautiful place to watch the sunset in the world. It is known that many couples have come here to propose in the glorious sunset.

@rundumdenglobusThe cobblestone streets and colorful small houses will be imprinted in the memory of visitors after a trip to Santorini.

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@jeremyaustiinThe island has a beauty that visitors cannot find anywhere else in the world.

If you get a chance, grab your suitcase and head straight for Santorini!


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