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Minh Mang Tomb: Lost in the space of majestic temples with the beauty of time

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Surely those who love Hue, the land of the ancient capital have heard about Minh Mang Tomb. The majestic temples with ancient beauty, the mossy walls imprinted with time will help you to have beautiful pictures by just standing in one place.

Photo: Nhimsoc13Ranked in the most beautiful historical monuments of Hue, Minh Mang Tomb is the heart of the second king under the Nguyen Dynasty with the contribution of more than 10,000 builders. During his lifetime, King Minh Mang chose the tall and majestic Cam Khe mountain as a place to stay, turning Minh Mang’s mausoleum into a place with extremely favorable terrain and overall beautiful architecture.

Photo: quan.cartoonFrom above, Minh Mang Tomb looks like a human figure spreading out on a velvet mattress, resting his head on Kim Phung mountain, and the two halves of Trung Minh lake like long arms enjoying a leisurely life. Minh Mang Tomb is located about 12km from Hue city center, you can choose to reach there by motorbike or car.

Photo: kiyomihgYou will have the opportunity to travel on a boat, down the romantic Perfume River and admire the gentle beauty of the ancient capital of Hue before stopping here. With a total area of ​​about 1750m2, you will have to spend a lot of time exploring every corner of this superficial architecture…

Photo: minhngadaoBehind Dai Hong Gate is Bai Dinh courtyard with an open and spacious campus, flanked by stone statues of mandarins, elephants and horses. There is also a stele of Thanh Duc Than Cong inscribed with the merits of the outstanding King of the Nguyen Dynasty during his lifetime. Next is the electrified area including Hien Duc Gate, Sung An Palace, and Hoang Trach Gate. All of them exuded a majestic, quiet look. Do not miss the vibrant beauty of wildflowers and the ethereal beauty of brilliant lotus flowers.

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Photo: amytran.cStepping out of the electrified area, following the bridge over Trung Minh Lake, you will come to Minh Lau, where the king rested, pondered about his humanity, and companied with the cool moon and wind after hours of political discussion.

Photo: dumy.buiNext, step over the Smart Chinh Truc bridge, capturing your eyes will be a charming natural scene with majestic ancient trees, immense and calm lake surface.

Photo: _.blur.blueIn particular, the highlight of the architectural works is thousands of poems of the king engraved on nearly 600 separate crosswords, forming a precious poetic treasure.Minh Mang Tomb is really an attractive tourist destination for young people who love to travel and have a passion for Vietnamese culture and history.

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