Trang chủFOOD AND DRINKNew Indochine space at The Letter Coffee in Saigon

New Indochine space at The Letter Coffee in Saigon

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he Letter Coffee is a coffee shop that has luxurious architecture in the unique and new Indochine style in Saigon, but there are so many young people coming here for check-in.

@hongvannnThe Letter Coffee, also known by its full name, The Letter Coffee – Indochine Saigon, is a cafe with a luxurious and noble architectural style that combines the nostalgic beauty of Asian traditions and the modern, romantic features of French architecture. Indochine, also known as the Indochinese style, appeared from the French colonial period, with direct influence from the two major cultures of India and China and the modernity of France to create a blend of classicand modern architecture.

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@dhtlinEntering The Letter Coffee, you will be familiar with bright tropical colors such as orange, yellow of Indian style, and classic and luxurious French beige tones. All were skillfully combined to create a space that is both new, fresh, sophisticated, and charming.The interior of The Letter Coffee is also carefully selected and arranged. Amidst the vibrant backdrop of orange and yellow, choosing a minimalist and neutral interior is the key to the perfect beauty of the space. Shelves, cabinets with intricate carvings, milky white, or tables and chairs with neutral brown tones combined with round paper chandeliers on the ceiling of the same color, look delicate and elegant.


@ hongvannnThe Letter Coffee’s arched door structures remind us of typical Indian gates while the paper lanterns remind us of Chinese interiors. Just like that, it is enough to see that The Letter Coffee has carefully researched Indochine architecture to bring customers the most authentic experiences. Adorning the space of The Letter Coffee are small beautiful pots of green plants, usually tropical plants, to make the space more eye-catching and lively.

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@thelettercoffeeThe Letter Coffee has many different areas, each area is decorated with separate personalities, allowing customers to take pictures in every corner. In addition, The Letter Coffee also has a large balcony overlooking the walking street. The balcony corner also has tables and chairs for customers who love the freedom in space.


@h.hieuvanPaying The Letter Coffee a visit, you will experience a luxurious and eye-catching Indochine space as well as enjoy tropical drinks and delicious cakes from the shop’s chef. The weekend dating experience with The Letter Coffee will never disappoint you, but on the contrary, it will be extremely and equally complete compared to any coffee shop in Saigon.


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