Trang chủBÌNH THUẬNMŨI NÉ'Reveal' 8 beautiful and quality homestays in Mui Ne

‘Reveal’ 8 beautiful and quality homestays in Mui Ne

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Mui Ne is a familiar destination for those who love to travel and explore. This place is like a true paradise with sea scenery, fresh air. However, if you travel to Phan Thiet without staying in an ideal accommodation, your journey will be less interesting. Therefore, we will suggest 8 beautiful homestays in Mui Ne for you to choose from!🏦 1. Cesar homestay – famous homestay in Mui NeAddress: 124 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui NeReference price: VND 600,000Cesar homestay is an extremely prominent name on the list of beautiful homestays in Mui Ne. This seaside homestay is considered a very nice location for visitors to relax and listen to the sound of waves crashing against the shore. The design at Cesar homestay is very modern in a dominant white tone.

Most of the rooms use transparent glass to make the most of outside light sources. Guests are provided all basic amenities.

🏦 2. Chon’s Dock Homestay – comfortable homestay in Mui NeAddress: 239 Tran Le, Duc Long, Phan ThietReference price: VND 800,000Chon’s Dock homestay owns a quite convenient location, near the center and the market, overlooking the pier. There are 2 types of houses. Memories House includes 1 bedroom, 1 WC, 1 kitchen with sea view. This is the right room for romantic couples. Green House has an area of ​​over 1000m2 with 2 double bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 2 WC, suitable for those who go in groups.

The furniture in the rooms is made of luxurious wood to give guests a good night’s sleep. Homestay has full facilities: free drinking water, electric water heater, air conditioning, wifi, etc.

🏦 3. The Happy Ride Homestay – one of the beautiful homestays in Mui NeAddress: Xuan Thuy Street, Long Son, Hon Rom, Mui NeReference price: VND 300,000The Happy Ride is now not only a beautiful homestay in Mui Ne but also a sought-after check-in spot for young people. It has a large campus, including 8 bedrooms. The homestay has just come into operation, so everything is very new and clean. Especially, here there is a divine check-in coordinate, which is the bubble house.

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Each room at the homestay has a beeswax tray to store essential oils and rose water to bring a pleasant fragrance. This is a small detail, but it is the devoted heart of the ower to guests.

🏦 4. Sky Garden homestay – favorite homestay in Mui NeAddress: Nguyen Tan Dinh Street, Ham Tien Ward, Mui NeReference price: VND 200,000Sky Garden is one of the beautiful homestays in Mui Ne that is popular due to its location in the heart of Mui Ne beach, so it is very convenient to move to the mud mineral bath area, wine cellar.

Here there is a spacious and cool rooftop garden. Sky Garden homestay has single and double bedrooms with full amenities. In particular, there is a cooking stove, a coal stove for guests to organize a BBQ party.

🏦 5. Suri Mui Ne – popular homestay in Mui NeAddress: 321 Huynh Thuc Khang, Mui Ne, Phan ThietReference price: VND 300,000Located in the center of Phan Thiet city, near Mui Ne fishing village and only 100m from the sea, Suri homestay is a beautiful homestay in Mui Ne that is chosen by many tourists because of its quality and professional service attitude. The landscape here includes a spacious garden and a clean vegetable garden.

The rooms here are built among the gardens, next to the banana trees, creating a very fresh and lively scene. Inside are equipped with many necessary utilities.

🏦 6. Me Homestay – romantic homestay in Mui NeAddress: Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Binh ThuanReference price: VND 1 millionReferring to the beautiful homestays in Mui Ne, you should note the name Me homestay in your plan. It is a resort with a private beach and a children’s pool. Around the homestay is covered with green colors of trees, flowers, and vegetable gardens. This is a suitable space for those who do not like noise.

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The highlight here is the thatched roof design that brings a cool and nostalgic feeling. Rooms are equipped with amenities such as television, air conditioner, electric fan, wifi. There is also a restaurant specializing in providing event services, dining, etc.

🏦 7. Come to Mui Ne, remember to stay at Cu Ba HouseAddress: Nguyen Cong Hoan, Mui Ne, Phan ThietReference price: VND 500,000Cu Ba House is located next to Ham Tien beach. This place provides fully equipped rooms with air conditioning, wifi, an electric water heater, an outdoor swimming pool, and a green garden. The garden area is always set up with a kitchen, spices, and tools for visitors to use for free. Here you can organize BBQ parties.

Cu Ba House includes 6 rooms with 2 double rooms, 2 single rooms, and 2 VIP rooms. All rooms are very spacious with an area of ​​about 30m2, separate WC in each room.

🏦 8. Coco beach Camp – beautiful homestay in Mui Ne with sea viewAddress: Le Minh Cong, Tan Phuoc, Ham TanThe last address on the list of beautiful homestays in Mui Ne is Coco beach Camp. This is really a great place to stay, from the sea view, the rooms to the design style are very romantic and poetic.

In addition, there is a swimming pool for guests to relax. The rooms all exude a difference and uniqueness, something magical but still very cozy and beautiful.

Mui Ne is a beautiful and peaceful land. If you plan to come here for fun and entertainment, hopefully with the top 8 beautiful homestays in Mui Ne just shared above will help you choose for yourself a satisfactory accommodation.

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