Trang chủWORLDReveal picturesque lesser-known destinations in Taiwan, making tourists forget the way back

Reveal picturesque lesser-known destinations in Taiwan, making tourists forget the way back

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Below are some lesser-known destinations in Taiwan with unique beauty, promissing to bring tourists a variety of interesting and appealing travel experiences.Taiwanese destinations that are not famous yet have stunning sceneries1. Taiping MountainMount Taiping is a attraction in Taiwan that few people know or more exactly, not many international visitors know about. However, for Taiwanese, Taiping Mountain is really a beautiful coordinate to go on a trip. This mountain is located in Datong township, Yilan county.

Photo: bananadumboThe mountain, which covers a large area, is one of Taiwan’s most outstanding woodland recreation locations. With an altitude of up to 1950 meters above sea level and the eco-tourism model, this is truly a destination for nature-loving tourists.

Photo: star0328200000When exploring Taiping Mountain, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the picture of green nature with diverse vegetation, fresh and pleasant environment.

Photo: jiazhengwang6968One of the factors that creates the attraction for Taiping Mountain is the gorgeous trail leading up the mountain. This road is ranked in the top 20 most beautiful walking paths in the world. Standing at any corner on the path, you will also admire the amazing scenery here.

Photo: amstylemiaAccording to many visitors’ Taiwan experiences, autumn is the best time to explore Taiping Mountain. In the mild weather of the autumn, you can not only observe the forests full of red and yellow leaves, but also immerse yourself in the relaxing warm water.

Photo: doris.hhy2. Alishan MountainIn addition to Taiping Mountain, Alishan Mountain is a a lesser-known tourist attraction in Taiwan. So next time you visit Taiwan, you should come here to admire the wonderful picture that nature has bestowed on Alishan. This mountain, about 2000 meters above sea level, is part of a range of about 20 large and small mountains in the central-southern region, Taichung.

Photo: sylvester.wangWhat’s intersting in Alishan Mountain that you should once discover?This place has a majestic natural picture with a gorgeous sea of white clouds like in the fairyland. Along with that is a scene of a lush green forest and hundreds of blooming flowers. If you are a nature lovers, this is definitely the coordinates not to be missed.

Photo: chu_chu0914Visitors to Alishan Mountain can enjoy a variety of enjoyable activities. Taking a train through the forest allows you to fully appreciate the mountain scenery. You should also try visiting a tea plantation or discovering beautiful waterfalls.

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Photo: lululeemoonIn particular, watching the sunrise and sunset on the top of the mountain is an activity that many tourists love most. The moment the sun breaks through the white clouds torise above the horizon is both beautiful and warm. Like the sunrise, the moment whne the sun sets is also extremely sweet and romantic. In addition, walking through the forest or watching spring peach blossoms are activities that you should try.

Photo: mayliss.lily3. Yangmingshan National ParkYangmingshan National Park is a famed destination in Taiwan. However, this place has not “surpassed” other hot tourist coordinates in Taiwan. In recent years, this national park has evolved into a stunning destination not to be missed on any journey to Taiwan.

Photo: taipeitravelLocated near Taipei city, this loaction is one of the 8 largest national parks in Taiwan. The park has a special volcanic terrain, with picturesque hills, mountains, forests, grass, etc. In the spring, Yangmingshan National Park is “dyed in pink” by the bright peach blossom color, attracting a large number of tourists to visit.

Photo: munchingpopcornEach season of the year in this national park seemingly has its own charm. If pink peach blossom is the “spring specialty”, the forests filled with red and yellow leaves will have the opportunity to show off their colors when autumn comes. In addition, the fields of white reed grass stretching faraway also form a beautiful picture in this national park.

Photo: meanwibblyIt can be said that flowers and green vegetation are specialties of Yangmingshan National Park. In addition to the green natural forests, this place also has well-kept flower fields such as lilies, azaleas and so on. Nature and scenery are all spectacular and ready for you to pack your bags and explore.

Photo: yuanneyeap4. Shifen WaterfallOne of the lesser known destinations in Taiwan that you should visit is Shifen waterfall. This is a waterfall located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City. Shifen is known as the largest waterfall in Taiwan, attracting visitors with its majestic and romantic beauty.

Photo: _22,522Visitors who have visited this Taiwanese tourist spot compare it as the “Niagara in Asia”. The beauty of Shifen Waterfall is calm, gentle, but majestic and fierce, giving it a very unique impression. The waterfall cascades into the deep lake from above, creating a wonderful picture of water that is beautiful from any angle.

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Photo: o3.__.i8Shifen Waterfall is notable for its 20-meter height and 40-meter width. Therefore, the amount of water pouring down the lake is massive and powerful, creating white foam in the middle of the mountains and forests. In autumn, romantic red-leaf and yellow-leaf forests cover this beautiful waterfall. Sometimes, the word “beautiful” is not enough to describe the scenery here.

Photo: vivian06041Right next to this beautiful waterfall, there is Shifen ancient village with a very unique lantern culture. All houses in the village are decorated with colorful lanterns. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Lunar New Year every year, you will be able to attend a variety of fun festivals in this ancient village.

Photo: mia_create_5. Qingjing Sheep FarmDid you know that the Qingjing sheep farm is also a popular tourist attraction in Taiwan? With its lush, tranquil surroundings and flocks of white sheep grazing, this area is also known as “miniature Switzerland”. The best time to visit this farm is the autumn when leaves change their colors into yellow and red.

Photo: missgee._.lifeIn each season of the year, the beautiful scenery in Qingjing brings a different color. In spring, the flora becomes vivid. Peach blossoms, pear blossoms, and plum blossoms show off their brilliant colors, standing out on the green meadows. While summer has wild chrysanthemums, autumn has yellow leaves and winter has snow.

Photo: e.h_sep09Visiting Qingjing sheep farm, visitors can watch horse riding shows and interact with cows and sheep. In addition, during the festival season, there are activities such as pinwheel festival, New Year’s flag-pulling festival, torch festival, etc. and a series of jubilant and bustling games. Therefore, if you have a chance to come to Taiwan, you should once visit this beautiful, peaceful and interesting farm.

Photo: lin1227__The destinations listed above are not well-known but have incredibly stunning and amazing scenery.Depending on your Taiwan travel schedule, you can choose the most suitable places to experience, explore, and enjoy a fun trip with many virtual-living photos.

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