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Review of a 2D1N trip at Thung Nham tourist area – Ninh Binh

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Thung Nham is one of the most beautiful destinations in the ancient capital of Ninh Binh. If you have fallen in love with the scenery of this place, quickly refer to Pham Yen Phuong’s review of a 2D1N Thung Nham – Ninh Binh trip!

Transportation- Thung Nham is about 100km from Hanoi, so you can go by limousine, bus or motorbike!- Ticket prices range from VND 80,000 – VND 160,000- Some Limousines you can refer to: Khanh An, X.E, Trang An.- Giap Bat bus station: Chinh Tien, Luan Huong, Huan Huong, Minh Luc (you go to Ninh Binh bus station, then take a motorbike taxi or taxi to Thung Nham!!!)

Accommodation- On this trip, our team stayed right in the resort. Depending on the type of room, the date you stay, the price will be different!!!- I stayed in the Deluxe Triple room with a price of VND 1,440,000.Eating and drinking- I had lunch on day 1 and 2 and dinner on day 1 at Thung Nham restaurant. Coming to Ninh Binh, you should try the specialty of goat meat and burnt rice at least once.- On the morning of the 2nd day, there is a buffet with a variety of super tasty dishes. However, the food got cold because it had been cooked for a long time, so it’s less delicious. It would be perfect if the restaurant improve that!

Sightseeing tickets- Adult ticket: VND 150,000 (including all destinations in the tourist area).- Child ticket: VND 100,000.- One-way tram ticket: VND 20,000.

Attractions in Thung Nham tourist areaBut cave: It is a natural stone cave with a length of 500m. In order to keep the wild look, there is no electricity in this place. Therefore, you have to use flashlights given by boatmen to observe the stalactites.- Mermaid Cave: This is a wet cave, so you have to go along the pontoon bridge to visit. There are electric lights here.- The garden: There are countless kinds of fruit trees and a long road for taking stunning pictures! When you visit the garden, you should remember to spray anti-mosquito to avoid being bitten :(- Flower island: the flower island in the blooming season is beautiful and sparkling. Unfortunately, I didn’t come here at the right season, so there are a few flowers.- Bird Garden (MUST TRY): The time to hunt for birds is around 4 – 6pm. You should pay attention to the time. If not, it will waste your time ^^- The moving banyan tree: It is attached to a story, I won’t reveal it -)) You will find it out when coming here ><- Vai Gioi Cave: The cave includes 3 floors: Heaven, Earth, Hell with 349 steps. If you want to climb here, you have to mentally preparefor tiring climb and remember to wear sports shoes!!!

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Here is a detailed timeline of my 2D1N trip to Thung Nham:

DAY 1:7:30 AM: The car started to move from Hanoi to NB.9:30 AM: The whole group arrived at Thung Nham and checked in the hotel10 AM: We got off the boat to enter the But Cave full of bats here. I used a flashlight to look at them, and I felt a bit shivery because there were so many bats.11 AM: After taking photos of a team, the whole group went to the Mermaid Cave to visit. Except for the babies, everyone should be careful with your head 🙁 (it’s easy to bump your head.12 PM: After the visit, the whole team was hungry. We returned to the restaurant for lunch and recharged energy to continue exploring.01 PM: Lunch break.03 PM: We visited the garden and checked in the flower island.03:45 PM: The team quickly got off the boat to the bird garden to watch the birds return. In the meantime, we took 1,000 stunning photos =)))05:30 PM: We went back to the room for a bath and rest.07 PM: We had dinner at the restaurant.09 PM: The whole team took pictures of the lantern area, walked for a while and then went to sleep.

DAY 2:06 AM: We woke up early in the morning to make up and prepare for the morning of day 2.08 AM: We took photos on the resort’s campus and then enjoyed breakfast.09:30 AM: We continued to visit the moving banyan tree and Goi Dai temple.10 AM: After climbing to Vai Gioi Cave, we all felt tired 🙁 ( The tour guide said that mainly foreign tourists want to climb here. Vietnamese people, except for backpackers, rarely climb here because it’s truly tiring =)12 PM: We checked out the hotel and had lunch.01 PM: We returned to Hanoi. End of the 2D1N journey in Thung Nham.

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Some tips for tourists when coming to Thung Nham:- Remember to bring mosquito repellent because Thung Nham is an ecological area with many trees, especially the garden area.- Apply sunscreen all over the body.- Bring hat/umbrella for sun protection because sitting on the boat also takes a lot of time.- Wear flat, sports shoes to move easily, especially when climbing to Vai Gioi cave.- Birds come back from 4-6 pm, depending on the date and season. You can contact the tourist area in advance so you don’t miss the time!!!

In addition to attractions, Thung Nham tourists area has many other activities, such as teambuilding and campfire.

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