Trang chủDestinationsQUẢNG NINHReviews of Legacy Yen Tu Resort: a resort in a "5-star citadel"

Reviews of Legacy Yen Tu Resort: a resort in a “5-star citadel”

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Legacy Yen Tu – MGallery is the perfect combination between resort tourism and spiritual tourism, where visitors can find moments of relaxation in a pure space. Let’s explore this unique 5-star resort in the following article with Hahalolo.

Photo: huongchanel88🔸 Where is Legacy Yen Tu Resort?Address: Thuong Yen Cong Commune, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh ProvinceLegacy Yen Tu – MGallery is located at the foot of Yen Tu mountain with a view overlooking the majestic mountain scenery. The resort is located in Thuong Yen Cong Commune, about 135km from the center of Hanoi with nearly 3 hours by car. Legacy Yen Tu is located in a special location, right in the scenic Yen Tu tourist area – the cradle of Buddhism in Vietnam.

Photo: ttaammttttYen Tu scenic spot is the most famous tourist destination in Quang Ninh among Buddhists. With the advantage of being located in the space of the “Buddhist capital of Vietnam”, Legacy Yen Tu is a harmonious combination between resort tourism and spiritual tourism.

Photo: thudollyyy🔸 Brief introduction of Legacy Yen TuLegacy Yen Tu was designed by famous architect Bill Bensley – the author of many luxury resorts around the world. The resort has traditional architecture, inheriting the 13th century Tran Dynasty cultural heritage and the quintessence of Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect.

Photo: thuwsssThe entire interior of the resort is designed by hand with materials produced according to traditional methods. Visitors entering the resort will feel like throwing back to the ancient times of the dynasties, where there were palaces and ancient houses of hundreds of years ago.

Photo: khanhphuongofficialAll rooms at Legacy Yen Tu are designed with beautiful views for visitors to admire the surrounding mountain and forest space of Yen Tu.Legacy Yen Tu has a full range of services such as swimming pool, restaurant, sauna system, acupuncture, meditation room, yoga classes, etc. for visitors to seek balance and freshness for body and mind. soul.

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Photo: kimmy.chau🔸 What’s attractive at Legacy Yen Tu Resort?Legacy Yen Tu is a 5-star resort and spiritual tourism complex on a large scale with experiential spaces and services.

Photo: hoangngocthaouyen🔸 Admire the space with cultural and historical values of Yen Tu relicLegacy Yen Tu inherits the distinctive features of Yen Tu scenic spot – the cradle of Vietnamese Buddhism. The space at the resort is inspired by the history of our country, especially the 13th century Tran Dynasty, combining the quintessence of Truc Lam Yen Tu Zen sect.

Photo: huongchanel88Guests staying here are like returning to the living space of more than 700 years ago. Each room at Legacy Yen Tu is a reflection of heritage and spirituality, built with traditional materials (wood, stone, bronze, ceramic, etc.), bringing a sense of luxury in the old royal palace.With the advantage of nostalgic space, this place is chosen by many tourists to organize many spiritual events such as Hang Thuan ceremony (Buddism Wedding Ceremony), meetings about Buddhism, etc.

Photo: trucclyy__In addition, with a beautiful antique design, this is also an ideal place for young people to take check-in pictures.At Legacy Yen Tu, anywhere can be a shimmering “historical” background for you to pose. It can be an ancient bedroom space with a balcony overlooking the majestic mountains, a zen dining room, or an area of stairs, walkways, etc.

Photo: junvu95🔸 Participate in meditation and yoga classesMeditation Tram is a unique discipline only at Legacy Yen Tu that guests should not ignore. Coming to the class, visitors will be taught the basic steps of meditation. After the class, all body and mental senses will be relaxed and balanced. The subject is very suitable for improving health or for those who are sad or confiding in their hearts.Meditation class takes place every day from 10 a.m to 11 a.m with the price of 450,000 VND/person.

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Photo: bon.tqBesides, if you can get up early, don’t miss the yoga class that opens at 7 a.m here. There are free yoga classes when you stay here and they often last about 50 minutes.🔸 Enjoy zither concertsThe zither concert is a free activity for guests staying at Legacy Yen Tu. The show will be held at Thien Quan at 5:00 p.m every day. Visitors will be immersed in the space imbued with Vietnamese identity, listening to the clear, smooth sounds of the concerts expressed through the skillful hands of talented artists.

Photo: vox.ngoc.hoaBesides, at 8 pm, visitors can also go to Dinh Lang village market to participate in the village festival night. Surely this will be a very memorable experience for tourists from all over the world at Legacy Yen Tu.🔸 Other relaxation and health care services such as Gym and swimming poolLegacy Yen Tu offers a full range of relaxation and other health care services such as a gym and an outdoor swimming pool. The gym is designed in a classic with modern combination with full machines for basic exercises such as jogging, chest thrusts, sit-ups, etc.

Photo: huongchanel88Zen swimming pool is located right next to the gym. This is an outdoor swimming pool with a water level not too deep (only 1.3m), safe for non-swimmers. A minus point is that the swimming pool here uses a lot of chlorine bleach, the smell is a bit strong, the rest of the scenery is very beautiful.Note that when using the swimming pool here, visitors should not wear too short swimwear. This is the resort’s policy because of cultural and religious issues here.

Photo: amy220394Furthermore, the resort also has a wellness center specializing in herbal medicine, treatment, and wellness consultation. However, the center is in the process of completion and has not been put into use.

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