Trang chủDestinationsĐÀ LẠTSee wild sunflowers at familiar but not monotonous locations year after year

See wild sunflowers at familiar but not monotonous locations year after year

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Pocket locations to see stunning wild sunflowers in Vietnam right away so that you can freely check in with your beloved ones and close friends.1. Ba Vi – a wild sunflower viewing location near HanoiAnother season of wild sunflowers has come. At this time, people from everywhere are excitedly taking photos with this yellow flower. If you lives in the capital or the northern provinces, make a plan to explore Ba Vi National Park. This is a beautiful spot to watch wild sunflowers, fascinating tourists from near and far.

Photo: Nguyen Viet HaEvery year, when the weather cools down in October and November, wild sunflowers in Ba Vi begin to bloom. Almost all of flowers are within the national park, along the entrance to the foot of Thuong Temple. A long road is filled with the yellow color of wild flowers, drawing a very dreamy and romantic scene.

Photo: Hien MaiIn Ba Vi National Park, wild sunflowers cover the hills and grow vigorously on both sides of the road. During the blooming season, these flowers are like turning every corner and street yellow. Normally, the flowers will bloom for about 1 month, but they are at their most beautiful and vibrant only for about 2 weeks. As a result, you should take advantage of checking in early at the most beautiful flower time.

Photo: Pham Khanh LinhToday, Ba Vi National Park is a gorgeous wild sunflower viewing place in Hanoi. It is known that the French brought wild sunflowers here to plant in the 1930s. This flower was initially considered a weed, so it was eradicated. However, since 2015, realizing that tourists like wild sunflowers, the national park has planted more in order to contribute to tourism development.

Photo: Duong HoangIf you have the opportunity to travel to Hanoi and come to Ba Vi in the blooming season of wild sunflower, you will be immersed yourself in a natural picture that is both sweet and romantic. Moreover, you can bring back many virtual-living photos. With a ticket price of only VND 60,000/person, visitors can discover the beautiful wild sunflower season and experience many other interesting activities in this national park.

Photo: Hien Mai2. Dalat – a dreamy place to see wild sunflowersOne of the most beautiful places to see wild sunflowers in Vietnam is Dalat city. The city of fog, of thousands of flowers suddenly transforms into a muse in the blooming season of wild sunflowers. Around November, people from all over the world flock to check in Dalat and take as many photos as they want on roads covered with wild sunflowers.

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Photo: Cao An NghiThe highland mountain town with a cool climate and warm sunshine of the late autumn days has created favorable conditions for wild sunflowers to multiply and develop. In Dalat, during the blooming season of wild sunflowers, you can see this flower everywherecity center to the outskirts. It can be a small flower cluster on the eaves or a mountain road covered in yellow flowers.

Photo: Tran Huu CuongSince the beginning of November, many check-in photos of tourists with this mountain flower have appeared in the Dalat tourism community. Wild sunflower, also known as mountain sunflower , has a deep yellow color, green foliage and grows in tall clusters, adorning the picture of Dalat more brilliantly and sweetly.

Photo: Nguyen Thao DuyenThis season, visitors to Da Lat will be greeted by this golden flower. Right at the foot of Prenn pass, the flowers have grown on both sides of the road. A winding pass is adorned with beautiful yellow flowers, making the scene more dreamy and sweet.

Photo: Ha HienIn Dalat city, visitors can also go along the routes, such as Ta Nung, Langbiang, Nam Ban, Elephant Waterfall to be immersed in the yellow flowers over a corner of the sky. In addition, the Mimosa pass is also a wonderful place to watch wild sunflowers in Dalat. This location has the most flowers, promising to bring tourists many stunning check-in photos.

Photo: Cu Phuong LinhAccording to the experience of watching wild sunflowers of many tourists and photographers, from 7:00 to 10:00 am is the most suitable time for you to enjoy the beauty of mountain flowers. At this time, the flowers are in full bloom and the weather is not too hot, so it is suitable for visitors to admire the beauty of wild sunflowers and take many beautiful photos.

Photo: Thieu Thu Thao3. Gia Lai – a rustic place to observe wild sunflowersIn the beautiful Central Highlands, in addition to Dalat, Gia Lai is also the coordinates of wild sunflowers that you should visit once. Although tourism in this area is not as developed as it is in Dalat, the scenery is stunning. You should come to Gia Lai once to see how magnificent the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands are.

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Photo: Nguyen Truc PhuongJust like the wild sunflower season in Ba Vi and Dalat, Gia Lai enters this beautiful flower season from October to November every year. At this time, all the hillsides and roads in Gia Lai began to be “dyed with yellow”, that are extremely bright and eye-catching. The bright yellow color stands out in the autumn sunshine of the Central Highlands, making the natural picture here more attractive.

Photo: Thanh NamSome people say that you are able to sink in the yellow color of wild sunflowers because this flower grows almost everywhere. However, others say that you should go to the top of Chu Dang Ya volcano, Chu Dang Ya commune, Chu Pah district (Gia Lai) to enjoy the beautiful picture of the golden wild sunflower season.

Photo: Tien HuynhEvery year, the People’s Committee of Chu Pah district also organizes Wild Sunflower Week – Chu Dang Ya Volcano to serve tourists from far and near to visit and explore. This year, due to the complicated situation of the Covid-19, this festival cannot be held. However, tourists will not forget a beautiful flower season on Gia Lai mountain town.

Photo: Kieu DiemIt can be said that mother nature was too generous to bestow Gia Lai a wonderful soil and climate condition for wild sunflowers to grow and develop. The roads, hills are covered with yellow flowers as if welcoming tourists from all over the world to visit, see flowers and take pictures.

Photo: Eric NamComing to this place to see wild sunflowers, if you want to snap photos with a garland, Jarai children will make one for you. The children make flower chains and sell them to tourists for VND 10,000 per chain. This allows you to take more beautiful photographs, and it also gives the children a little extra money to spend on candies and cakes. Therefore, visitors do not forget to support the children.

Photo: Nguyen Thi Than UyProbably, the wild sunflower viewing spots like Ba Vi, Dalat, Gia Lai are too familiar to many people. But these coordinates never get old and boring when the wild sunflower season comes. Therefore, if possible, you should take time to discover this beautiful flower season in Vietnam.

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